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Types of Blankets

10/8/2012 12:56:53 PM | by Anonymous


A type of bedding, a blanket usually has sole intended purpose; keeping the user warm. In general, it is a large piece of cloth that used by a person to keep warm, usually during sleep. Sheets can be distinguished from blankets based on their thickness and application. Sheets are usually thinner as compared to blankets and their application is for hygiene, aesthetics and comfort, whereas the application of blankets is for providing warmth. Blankets can be considered one of the most important things that adorn a bedroom as they give a bed a ‘complete’ look. Blankets can be divided into sub-groups such as quilts, comforters and duvets depending on factors such as their thickness, fill material and construction. Also, when manufacturers make blankets, they have to take several factors into consideration such as the demographic where the blanket would be used, breathability and design. There are also electric blankets that are heated by electricity to provide the user with warmth.


Traditionally, a blanket were made of wool as wool provides warmth, breathability and has natural fire-retardant properties whereas sheets were usually made of linen and cotton as these materials are less irritating to the skin. However, synthetic fibers are now commonly used to make both blankets and sheets, although natural material may also be used. A smaller variation of blankets are throw blankets which are smaller in size and intended of being used outside of bed to provide the user with warmth. These types of blankets usually feature decorative colors and patterns.


Blankets can serve several other applications aside from being used in bedrooms or providing warmth to the user. One example is blankets being used as ground cloth. As the name would imply, such blankets are utilized as a form of protection when wanting to lie down on the soil. In such instances, these blankets are laid out on the ground and serve to prevent the user’s cloths from getting soiled. Also, the blankets provide a more hygienic and clean area for the user to sit down. Blankets used for such purposes are usually temporary and are normally disposed after sometime. Aside from that, blankets may even be used in case of fires. With the advancements in technology, blankets can now be manufactured to be fire-resistant, composed of materials that are able to withstand fire such as fiberglass. The application of such type of blankets can be vast in keeping fires out. For example the uniform that firefighters wear is usually made out of these materials, to prevent the fire from getting to the firefighter. Also, such blankets are laid out over the material that firefighters want to protect.


Types of Blankets

Cotton Blankets

One of the most widely available types of blankets, cotton blankets are usually available in a variety of styles, colors and designs. They are commonly light, although they can also be thick depending on their application. For cotton blankets intended for use in winter are very thick and those intended for use during summer are very thin. Even if used on it own, a cotton blanket can give a bed a very pleasant look.


Down Blankets

Known widely for their durability and comfort, these blankets also offer luxurious beauty in complementing the décor of a room. These blankets tend to be cool to the touch and provide the user with a very cozy and comfortable place to sleep in.


Electric Blankets

With the advancements in technology, electric blankets are now available to the masses. This type of blanket makes use of 21st century technology to heat it up while also providing a safe, comfortable and cozy environment for the user to sleep in. More advanced designs make use conductive tape instead of wires to generate desired temperatures on the blanket. However, one has to expect that these designs are more expensive compared to traditional blankets used in households.

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