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Types of Biscuits

3/14/2012 5:44:23 PM | by Anonymous


The world is a busy place. People of all ages seem like always in a hurry so they can arrive early at work or school. Because of this, we tend to miss breakfast before leaving the house which is an important meal so we can have strength to face the day.


Biscuit is a good alternative when it is not possible to take a complete meal. Biscuits are bread or referred too as soft cakes, raised with baking powder or soda. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is usually small and can be bought in bakeries or the commercially manufactured ones in grocery stores. Its healthy and handy features make biscuits popular in the masses as an anytime food. The variety of tastes and textures assure that there is a biscuit available according to a person’s taste and preference. Let us know a few types of biscuits.


Rolled biscuits are traditional crisp biscuits. It is one of the most popular quick breads. The mixture is kneaded, rolled out and cut into rounds. The interior of rolled biscuits are light, fluffy and tender in the center and golden brown on the outside.


Drop biscuits are made with moist dough which is too sticky to knead or roll. It is placed by the spoonful on the baking sheet saving on preparation time. Drop biscuits are always rougher in appearance and texture but are soft on the inside.


Scones are sweet biscuits cut into wedges that are usually made with cream and butter. Eggs can be added for flavor and color enhancement. They can be dressed up with raisins, currents or cranberries.


Biscuits are now accompaniment to hot drinks, alcoholic beverages, snacks and can serve as a substitute for bread. Since different types of biscuits have emerged, there is surely a biscuit suitable for all age categories and genders.

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