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Types of Beds

10/8/2012 12:58:07 PM | by Anonymous


Beds, as many would know, are a piece of furniture used in households, hotels, dormitories etc for a person to sleep or relax on. Beds have been around for years now, constantly being developed and improved along the way. Today, there are several types of beds available in the market, suited to target the different demographics and provide users with comfort and convenience. The basic make up of most beds would be the bed frame that would hold the mattress. As there are different types of beds available in the market, the structure of each bed may be different. However, the bed frame that would hold the mattress is always present in all beds as it is the most important component in a bed, providing support to hold the mattress and withstand the weight of the user and any sudden impact. Depending on its style and design, a bed may feature headboards for resting against or side rails to prevent the user from falling off the bed, especially in beds that have two decks.


Beds make use of mattresses that would require to be covered; which is when beddings come in play. A bed can be seen as a body and bedding can be seen as the clothing for the body. Beddings include items such as pillow, blankets, bed sheets, duvets and quilts. All these items are used to cover the mattress in the case of bed sheets, provide support for the head in the case of pillows and provide the user with assurance and protection against weather in the case of blankets. This article would look into the different types of beds and what their functions are.


Types of Beds

Platform Beds

One of the most common types of beds of the 21st century and found in most household are the platform beds, which may be otherwise also be known as storage beds. These beds have a raised surface off the ground where the mattress is placed upon, and they do not make use of a box spring. As there is no extra box spring layer involved in the designs of these beds, they usually tend to provide a harder and firmer sleeping surface. Their design makes them relatively low to the ground and they do not take up much space in a room as compared to other types of beds. Below the platform of the mattress is usually a storage space where a user can store his or her stuff. The storage space is usually in the form of pull out drawers, therefore a user can easily access the stored stuff, without having to pick up the entire mattress. Some platform beds may even feature designs where the entire mattress platform can be rolled out, with large amounts of storage space below. Such beds are idea in homes where space is an issue and beds cannot be allowed to take up too much space. The design of these beds is also usually very stylish, giving the room a very unique and stylish look.


Trundle Beds

Most commonly found in the room of young children who share a room, these beds feature a design that is somewhat similar to platform beds, with the difference being that the storage drawers located below platform beds are now replaced with another beds that can be slid under the main bed structure. Featuring a drawer-style design, these beds help to save space in the room to provide young kids more space to move about and play in. Both the lower and the upper bed do not feature a box spring as there is very minimal space to allow room for the feature.

Sleigh Beds

Featuring headboards and footboards, sleigh bed designs have been around for the longest period of time as compared to any other design. These beds feature very simple designs, with four legs and a platform for the mattress to be placed upon. The beds can have several styles and variations that can compliment almost every kind of setting in a room

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