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Types of Bearings

3/12/2012 5:19:48 PM | by Anonymous


Things around us that revolves or turns would not occur with out the help of bearings. Bearing is a part of a machine that support, guides and reduces the friction of motion between fixed and rotating device. A rolling object can easily move compared to a sliding object wherein the friction causes the movement to slow down. They are present on cars, roller blades, CD players, washing machines and to a lot of everyday objects. Various types of bearings are used on these equipment.


Types of bearings are ball bearings and roller bearings to name but a few. Ball bearing is the common type because it features the best performance and price ratio. They can be found in almost anything around us such as wheels, car transmissions, skate boards, washing machines and PC hard drives. This is applied to load that is light to medium and is constant in nature. Ball bearings have 3 main elements called inner groove ring, outer race and steel balls. Roller bearing is also called anti-friction bearing. It is used in heavy application such as conveyor belt rollers and is closely related to the wheel. There are different types of rollers: cylindrical, taper and spherical. The cylindrical bearing is often used with a ball bearing to support axial loads. Taper is particularly used in car wheels and train spark plugs because of its ability to withstand combined loads, while it has very small outside dimension footprint. However, taper is more expensive because it is difficult to manufacture. Spherical happens when a contact pressure between raceway and rolling bodies is distributed along a line in roller bearings.


Bearings bring convenience in everyday lives. The transportation of goods would not be possible if bearings on wheels are not present. Their application on CD players and computers means they are not only designed for daily essentials but also for entertainment.

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