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Barge Models – Types of Barges

3/12/2012 5:19:34 PM | by Anonymous

Barge Models

A barge is a long, narrow, flat bottom boat used as a cargo vessel on rivers and canals. Some barges are not self-propelled so a help from another vessel is needed to either push or pull it through a waterway. The cost for transporting freight by barges is very low and it is capable of carrying heavy loads. These features made barges typically used for hauling low value bulk cargoes. Its hull is constructed either box shaped or angled. One can see what different barges look like by going to exhibitions where barge models are displayed. The difference among water vessels is determined what type of cargo they carry.


Deck barges are designed to charter heavy equipment. It is commonly used because it generally can carry about anything. Another type of barge is hopper barge. It is used to transport materials such as sand, rock, soil and wastes. It has doors at the bottom of the barge that opens when the materials are ready to be dumped to the ocean or lake. A barracks barge or house boat serves as permanent home in countries like Canada, Australia, China, Laos and India. Some of this is transformed into luxury cruise and hotels. Tank or liquid cargo barge is a kind of barge designed to carry liquid commodities such as petroleum products, fertilizers and chemicals and transport them from producer to end user. Like barracks barge, Dutch barge is now being utilized for pleasure and a human dwelling. It is used to transport freight and its structure and design originated from older Dutch cargo carrying barges. Jack-up, admiral, car-float, splitz, tom pudding, powership and royal are also a few of the many other types of barges. The owners show their enjoyment of obtaining one of these by having barge models created so they can display a miniature actual copy of their vessels.


There are several more other types of barges. Knowing about their uses is of great help to those who need to select a barge for transporting freight.

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