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Types of Bar Code Equipment

3/9/2012 5:59:44 PM | by Anonymous

Bar Code Equipment

We stumble upon bar codes every time we go to retail stores. Bar codes are the series of vertical lines of varying widths and spacing printed on items. They contain data which can be extracted by using bar code equipment.


There is a common misconception on the information a bar code contains. It is assumed that the code is the price itself simply converted into lines. What the barcode carry is a set of unique number that once scanned will help identify the item. It can show the type of product, expiration date, country of manufacture and the manufacturer. The equipment that reads the code is called a bar code scanner. There are different types of scanner available in the market. They are pen type reader, CCD scanner, laser, fixed-mount, portable data terminals, bar code decoder, USB scanner, et al. The most common among its type is laser scanner. Laser scanner does not need to be near or touch the bar code label in order to read it. The range of the bar code from the reader so that it can be detected depends on the laser scanner you own. It can read from about 6 to 24 inches up to 30 feet away. Another equipment involved in the bar code system are tagging product. It is used in putting tags in shoes, clothes, hand bags and specialty products. Towa Label Applicator is a bar code equipment utilized for dispensing bar code label. It automatically detects the leading edge of the label making it capable of dispensing codes of varying designs such as circles, star-shaped and oval.


It is not only stores that utilize bar code equipment and supplies. They can also be used to keep track of computers and other important equipment within the company, know the whereabouts of important documents and files and even the status of employees in a company.

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