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Types of Banners

8/1/2013 8:23:23 AM | by Anonymous


Banners are pieces of cloth bearing a design or text that conveys a message. They are usually hung in public places, or carried during procession or demonstration. The type of banner used in business is called advertising banner. It can be huge and mounted high on buildings or standing up on the ground as tall as a man. Banners are being used as an advertising tool by businesses who want to promote their services or products hoping to catch the attention of passersby. Their aim is to attract new customers and increase sales. Advertising banners can be seen almost everywhere especially in busy areas.


There are various types of banners that companies can take full advantage of their campaign. Most banners being produced nowadays are made from vinyl. Vinyl can be available in large single piece material allowing the printing of graphics at once. This process has made vinyl banners one of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising. Examples of large banners are those that are attached on buildings and steel tower advertising spaces. It is recommended to hang vinyl banners on a wall to lengthen its life span. If the banner will be hung outdoors from stakes or poles, mesh banner is more to suitable to use. Mesh banners are made from strands of vinyl woven together to turn into a mesh. The holes on mesh banner allow wind to flow through it. These holes are so tiny making it possible for the message on it to still be read easily.


Other banner types include fabric banners and trade show banners. Fabric banners are less durable than vinyl banners and tend to cost more. However, this specialty banner is preferred to use in some events that aims to present a more professional look. It can be used both indoors and outdoors but it can prolong its lifespan further when used in the former. Another banner type is called trade show banner. This type gives leather like feel and satin magazine finish. The print quality of trade show banner over vinyl banners can be noticed when viewed up close.


Banners can be generally categorized as single sided or double sided. Building banners are obviously single sided as its other side is facing the structure. Banners that would take up a huge amount of space such as in the case of steel tower advertising would also require a huge amount of money. Even though some steel tower ad space can show up banners on both sides, companies do not rent out both spaces because of the cost.


Double sided banners are typically found on trade shows to maximize their promotion. Banners found on trade shows are portable types so they can easily carry them to different promotional events. Pull up banners are increasingly gaining popularity because of its usability and portability. They are easy to set up as one simply needs to roll it from a base that contains it. They can also be bought with interchangeable cartridge option so the graphics can be changed anytime when needed.


Opening up a business is always considered as one must spend time, energy and money to make it work. There is no assurance if a business would become a success or fail but can always make use of banners to promote it. You can save from employing someone whose job is to give out flyers as you can stand banners on the sidewalk. Simply make sure that you designed it creatively and eye-catching.

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