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Types of Advertising Agencies

3/3/2012 11:35:11 AM | by Anonymous

Advertising Agencies

When starting out a business, the first thing that must be given a thought is how to get potential customers. We rely at first on personal contacts and referrals to get customers because hiring an advertising agency to promote our product may cost a lot. However, you may come to a point wherein your business is running for a while but still not earning as much profits as you would like. This is the time when we realized that an intervention from advertising agencies is needed.

An advertising agency is a professional services firm dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for its clients. The advertisement can be in the form of print or can be placed in radio, television and internet. The forms of advertisement are catered by different types of advertising agencies. Generalized advertising agencies handle both the creative aspect and media buying. They are also called full-service agency since they are involved from brainstorming, creation of the advertisement up to ad placement on print media, radio and television. Another full service agency is specialist advertising agency. What makes it different from generalized advertising agency is that it specializes in particular kinds of advertising: recruitment, medical, financial, industrial and so on. The topic is technical that the writer and artists require knowledge and expertise on the subject. Another type is In-house advertising agency. It is an agency within a company and is only responsible in promoting the company’s product or services. Interactive agencies use both online and offline advertising. They provide marketing services and specialized advertising for the digital space. The digital space refers to kiosks, internet, DVDs, CD-ROMs, ipod, psp and mobile. Search engine agencies have not been fully classified as an advertising agency but technically qualify as one since they are engaged in ad creation and media purchases. They offer pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization. Social media agencies specialize in promoting brand in social media platforms such as blogs, forums, social networking sites etc.

Advertising agencies have a big role on the success of every big business. You can come up with a perfect business plan but you can never exceed your competitor’s success if advertising your business is not part of it.

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