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Types and Uses of Safety Harness on Construction

9/9/2015 4:21:29 PM | by Kerby Do


A safety harness is normally secured by a rope to a line and anchor point. It allows climbers and laborer to securely perform numerous tasks when they are working from or climbing a great height.


Contraction workers, window cleaners and others whose work that usually involves taking care of or cleaning something on the upper levels of a structure will generally wear a harness.


There are different types of safety harnesses, including the construction harness. People that are working on scaffolding and climbers will make good use of the kind of safety harness where the user is seated, since it offers them plenty of versatility for different activities.


A sit in harness protects an individual's legs and thighs and keeps them in an upright seating position. Sit safety harnesses are commonly used by workers cleaning or painting window frames at high levels.


A sit safety harnesses are commonly used by workers to protect their legs and thighs and keeps them in an upright seating position while cleaning or painting window frames at high levels.


Another kind of safety harness is the body harness, which is a sit harness with a body protecting accessory. The body harness provides the kind of convenience and support that is ideal for construction laborers that are spending long hours on roofs and at the highest part of a building.


A safety harness needs to fit properly in order to be perfectly safe and secured; an inappropriately fitted harness might lead to an accident. The straps need to fit securely on the legs and thighs without slipping, if you are using a sit harness.


Waist belts need to be tight enough that they can not slip down over the hips as subsiding. Body harnesses should also fit well, however not so tight that they disrupt the laborers breathing. The body straps supply extra levels of security when working at a substantial height from the ground.


A lot of safety harnesses is made out of polyester while the size and requirements will depend and vary on the needs of the individual user. Some business may have their own safety guidelines for harnesses but they need to strictly comply with standard security policies. A safety harness usually has to be a particular density in order to abide by health and safety standards.


Safety harnesses are ending up being more common and in some industries that requires wearing these kind of equipment due to the number of work related accidents and deaths amongst employees working at high levels. A safety harness is an essential tool for lots of employees in the construction industry and there are also other people using them for other activities aside from construction.

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