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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Trade Enquiry Service (TES)?

The Trade Enquiry Service or TES is the newly improved value-added service of The Green Book in relation to company’s individual enquiry service and the trade enquiry service.

What is TES for?

TES serves as the platform in sending and receiving products and services enquiries, RFQ’s and price quotations. It features 24/7 easy enquiry management and banking of key accounts to lead generation. A one-stop enquiry interface solution for B2B and B2C transactions. Through TES, sourcing will be fast, easy and enjoyable.

What is the difference between Advertiser, User and FBL registration?

TES offers three special account registrations:

Advertiser Account. This registration is for companies and suppliers currently advertising at The Green Book Print and/or Online Directory. This interface allows the account holder to receive unlimited number of enquiries from prospective customers, allows sending of enquiries, easy enquiry management and banking of customer transaction and information.

User Account. This account allows users to access to a huge database of credible suppliers to send unlimited enquiries and price quotations. Manage and store all quotations and supplier’s information fast and easy.

Free Business Listing (FBL) Account. This TES account registration is for companies and suppliers who wanted to receive purchase enquiries from The Green Book. This registration allows the company to be listed in The Green Book directory for free. This is subject to management’s approval.

What are the TES terms and conditions?

Click here to read TES terms of use.

How to do the registration?

User account.
TES registration is a one-time process. You can use a valid email address to register for a TES account. Once registration is complete you will receive an email notification of your TES registration and will be asked to activate your account. Upon activation, you can instantly log in and enjoy using your own TES account.

Note: For The Green Book Trade Enquiry first time user/s, upon submitting your first enquiry through TGB trade enquiry forms, TES user account will be created automatically. An email notification will be sent to the email address used to activate TES account.

TES User account registration link
Or you may click this link.

Advertiser account.
If you are currently advertising at The Green Book print or online directory your TES advertiser account is created, filling the registration form will not be required. You can activate your TES advertiser account through this link and enter the email address that is registered at The Green Book. Or you may click this link.

Note: The email address that is registered as an Advertiser account is the email address receiving enquiry notifications from The Green Book. If you wish to create additional TES account you may do so, however as a User account.

Free Business Listing (FBL) account.
For TES FBL account registration, it is also a one-time registration. Once form is filled out and submitted, an email notification will be sent to the email address to activate TES FBL account. Upon activation, the use of TES will be allowed.

Note: TES FBL account registration qualifies the company to be listed at The Green Book directory for free. The TES interface is ready for use, though the FBL is subject for management’s approval.

Registration link for TES FBL account:
Or you may click this link.

How can I activate my TES account?

An email notification will be send to your registered email address after successfully submitting your TES registration. The email contains your TES username and password for you to verify, once verified you must click the link located after your TES credentials to activate your own TES account. The link will direct you to a page saying your TES account was been successfully activated and you may now login to your account.

Can I create more than two TES accounts using one email address?

No. You can only create one TES account under one email address.

Can I create multiple TES accounts?

Yes. You can create multiple TES accounts under one company name provided you will be using different email addresses for each account. All TES accounts should have their unique credentials for security purposes.

What versions of internet browsers are compatible with TES?

The Green Book TES works on Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE 7 or higher

Where can I access and/or log in my TES account?

You can log in and access your TES account on The Green Book website Trade Enquiry page. See this link

What to do when I forget my password?

Click on “Forgot Password?” located below the log in area of TES. If you click the link, you will have to key in your username or email address. Once submitted you will receive an email notification to setup your TES password again. Forgot Password link

Where can I change my TES account information?

You can edit your contact information and TES credentials on your TES profile page that is linked to you TES account name. Click your TES account name to go to your profile page and edit your information.

Can I send a single enquiry to multiple suppliers? How?

Yes. You can send a single enquiry to multiple suppliers on the “Compose Enquiry” page of your TES account. All enquiries made through that page are treated as a General Enquiry which will be sent to all related suppliers under the enquiry.

Is it possible to resend a previous enquiry?

Yes. Resubmission of enquiry is permitted. You can resubmit previous enquiry made by going to your “Sent Items” and click the resubmit button. Options are: 1) Send as General Enquiry, 2) Send to same Supplier, 3) Send to My Favourite Supplier

What is Favourite Suppliers?

You can bank all preferred suppliers to your “Favourite Suppliers” folder. Through this, you may directly enquire to suppliers found on that folder without going to their Company Profile page.

I need to browse for more products and suppliers. How do I remain logged in TES and continue sending enquiries?

Once logged-in to your TES account, you can close and/or go directly to The Green Book website and still send enquiries to different companies as the system will keep you logged-in provided you do not click the log-out button to your TES account. Note that your contact information will be automatically auto-populated to all the enquiry forms inside TGB website for your convenience.

How to know if a supplier replied to my enquiry? (For User account)

An email notification will be sent to your registered email address once supplier/s responded to your enquiry. Through the notification a link to your TES account will be provided to view the supplier/s reply.

How to know if I receive an enquiry? (For Advertiser & FBL accounts)

You will receive an enquiry email to your registered email address from TGB Trade Enquiry System from all the enquirers who sent an enquiry to your company.

The email contains the enquiry details and you may reply to the enquiry by clicking any of the green “Reply” buttons inside the notification email.

If I delete an enquiry from my email address (mailbox), will the enquiry remain inside my TES?

Yes. An enquiry deleted inside your email address (mailbox) will not affect the enquiry inside your TES account.

Will my TES remain logged in even if I close my browser from a previous session?

Yes. You will be logged-in to your TES account even you close a browser from a previous session. The only time that you will be logged-out from TES is when you have clicked “logout” or you have turned off your computer.

My email address has been compromised. How do I change my registered email address without having to lose my TES enquiries?

For your convenience and security purposes, you must take extra care on your TES credentials for utmost convenience. If your registered TES email address has been compromised contact us immediately and report the issue. (marketing.ph@thegreenbook.com)

How do I unsubscribe from your TES services?

To unsubscribe to TES services, contact us here. (marketing.ph@thegreenbook.com)

I own a business and I am currently using TES as a user, is there a way you can upgrade my TES as an advertiser (supplier) account?

Yes. You may opt to upgrade your TES account as FBL account or Advertiser account to receive enquiries for your company. For free consultation, click here. (marketing.ph@thegreenbook.com)

What does it mean to delete an enquiry?

Deleting an enquiry will just place the deleted enquiry on the Trash folder inside your TES account. You can still restore the deleted enquiry in your Inbox folder. However, if you permanently delete the enquiry (by clearing items in your Trash folder) you cannot retrieve the same.

If I delete an enquiry, can suppliers still contact or respond to it? Will I get an email notification for this?

Yes. Suppliers may still respond to the deleted enquiry however the supplier will be notified that you have deleted the said enquiry. If an advertiser replied to a deleted enquiry, the notification will be found on the Trash folder of your TES account.

What does it means to Close an enquiry?

If you choose to close an enquiry you will no longer take any action such as replying and resending the said enquiry. Though you will still be able to see the reply (message) thread of the enquiry and its details.

What is Close Enquiry button for?

A close enquiry button appears on the Sent Items folder after the enquiry was sent out and to the Inbox folder when an enquiry had received a reply. The button main function is when an enquirer would want to opt to cancel certain enquiry. Furthermore, when an enquiry is inactive for more than 1 month, the user will be notified to close the said enquiry.

Verified Purchasers and Suppliers.

When the user (enquirer) closes an enquiry, an option will be seen asking the user from what particular company the purchase has been made. Similarly, the company who supplied to the purchaser will receive a confirmation to verify that the user did transact with them.