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Top 7 iPad Games for Learning

2/15/2013 5:50:01 PM | by Anonymous


Created for various activities, an iPad meets the needs of college students as well. Usually, games are designed for younger students or for little kids. In this article we will focus on some useful educational games for university undergraduates. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between an education app and an education game. For that reason we have also selected some apps that combine a quiz, a test and learning in the game.


1. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

The game “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” will test your knowledge against your friends or relatives. Sometimes it appears that we do not know as much as little kids do. You could test your Spanish, your first grade vocabulary, or fourth grade world history. Have fun with your friends!


2. Gravity 2.0

This is a wonderful app, which makes you feel like the creator of a new solar system. You can do all possible physical experiments but on a large scale. Create new planets, give them shape, and enjoy your creation! There is also a battle mode where you play against other “armed” planets. Maybe the game is not completely educational, but still it has a special charm and increases your interest in Physics and Astronomy.


3. ArithmAttack

We always need to practice our mathematical skills. Being a very simple game, ArithmAttack is full of surprises. You have to be very quick and answer as fast as possible. Of course, in order to be more motivated, you will be penalized for every incorrect answer.


4. Lumosity Brain Trainer

This game allows you to train your brain in the funniest way. Developed with the assistance of neuroscience specialists, Lumosity Brain Trainer gives you a chance to enhance your short term and long term memory, attention, problem solving skills, etc. But don’t expect miracles and remember that it’s just a game and it would not improve your mental skills and abilities dramatically.


5. Geomaster 2 ($ 0.99)

After so many logical and mathematical exercises, it’s time to prepare yourself for a long trip around the world. Geomaster examines your knowledge about all the US states, various countries, cities and capitals, flags, etc. The maximum points you can get are 100 per each question. The more correct answers you provide, the more points you will get. Pass all 40 levels and save your scores!


6. Vocabology - Word of the Day

This game helps you train your verbal skills, learn new words and even learn foreign languages. The best thing here is that you can learn words in English and 5 foreign languages (Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French) every day. It even includes SAT words. Take quizzes and track your progress.


7. Kaplan MBE Flashcards

Now, let’s move to an application developed by Kaplan University, famous for its innovation in the field of online education. Designed especially for those who are studying Law, it helps you prepare yourself for the Multistate Bar Examination, which is held every year in February and July. It includes videos, a glossary of important terms, and flashcards. The application covers all parts of the exam. Even though this version is free for a limited amount of time, we highly recommend it because it will save your time and money.


The sphere of educational games will continue to grow and expand. There are a lot of things to be improved or developed when we speak about university or adult education. It depends on various factors such as teachers, education systems, and the progress of technologies. Moreover, we hope that developers will go on creating useful and smart applications for our educational needs. So, the future really looks… mobile!


Author Bio: GlobalPuzzle.net is an amazing online puzzle game where you get to challenge other people by answering interesting questions from the participants in the whole world and earn points throughout the game that will result in fantastic prizes at the end of your journey. Follow @GlobalPuzzle to stay tuned.

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