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Tools for Keeping Your Garden in Top Shape

5/9/2013 1:21:07 PM | by Anonymous

Gardening Tools

It takes a lot of work to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful, but you can reduce that workload with the right combination of hand and power tools. There's an old saying about using the right tool for job, and nowhere is that more true than for yard maintenance. You don't need an entire garage full of equipment to keep your landscape looking good, but even a small yard requires some basic equipment.


A hose

This is as basic as it gets. Hauling water back and forth in a watering can is back-breaking and unnecessary labor. A durable, lightweight hose that resists kinking is the best option. Purchase a hose that's long enough to reach all the places you commonly water. Empty the hose of water and store it properly when you finish, ensuring a long life.


A spade

Sometimes a simple hand tool is the best answer. Spades are useful for digging holes for planting, removing weeds and lifting soil. Use short-handled spades for intricate work in an established flower bed and long-handled spades for digging and eliminating weeds.


A weed trimmer

Unless you enjoy spending hours hand-clipping around trees, fences and edging weed trimmers for your garden are must-haves. With a weed trimmer you can keep lawn edges neat and eliminate large patches of weeds and overgrown grasses with one pass. Use your weed trimmer to keep the space between raised beds weed- and grass-free and to "mow" narrow side yards or awkward angles in the landscape.


Leaf blower

After a weed trimmer, a leaf blower should be the next power tool you invest in. With a leaf blower you can cut the chore of raking by at least half — simply blow all the leaves and trimmings into a central pile and bag. A leaf blower can help you keep the perimeter of your home free of dust and debris and can be used to blow webs and dust from eaves. Clean your deck or patio with a blower and you'll have more time to enjoy them.


A bucket

A lightweight bucket or basket specifically for gardening is another basic item that will save you time and labor. Most gardeners use baskets or buckets when it's time to harvest, but don't always think of them as a gardening tool. Throw weeds or small trimmings directly into a bucket for disposal instead of raking them up later. Keep your hand tools in a bucket while you're working and you won't waste time searching each time you lay one down in the garden bed. When you've finished gardening for the day put your gloves and sun hat in a clean bucket and you'll always know where they are.


People who garden do so because they enjoy spending time with their hands in the soil and nurturing growing plants, but that doesn't mean they want to waste hours of labor by not using the proper equipment. If you have a yard or garden to tend, take care of yourself first and invest in the right tools for the job.


Author Bio: Holly is an Indianapolis native with a passion for green living. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses.

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