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Tips on Keeping Trailer Parts Greased

10/18/2013 10:42:45 AM | by Anonymous


Ways to tell if your trailer is falling apart? Look over at it, check amongst the trailer parts, are there weeds growing all over it even on the tires? Wait, where’s the tire? Time to face it, they are obvious signs that your trailer is falling apart. It was something you once loved. Something you got as a present few years back on your birthday. You thought it was cool, shiny and practical and you absolutely loved it and barely able to contain yourself from bragging about it to all your peers. But now, it sits in the neglected hulk in the driveway, depressed and forgotten. It’s about time to get that trailer moving and spending some quality time together.


Instead of bring it to a specialist that makes a pretty good living maintaining other people’s trailers, how about some do-it-yourself? It would sound like a pretty productive and pleasant afternoon spent getting the trailer back up to snuff. All it is going to require is a little bit of elbow grease and some time. But despite all that, you will soon have your trailer back and ready to conquer the roads!


In this article we are going to share some tips on keeping your trailer and its parts maintained. We will teach you how to keep the trailer parts lubricated and how to do it. Before you know it, you will be able to get your trailer back in shape just like how it used to be.


One biggest enemy to deal with is dirt. Once particles of dirt and dust gets into the trailer parts, it can cause friction and resulting in the break down of the trailer. It is essential to always keep the trailer parts greased. The grease can help the joints and axels moving smoothly. Before taking it back to the road, be sure to do a little greasing first.


Any part of the trailer that is designed to move in some fashion or form or possibly comes into contact with other parts should be kept lubricated once every two weeks. This is to prevent the trailer parts from friction and corrosion to occur. Some features include winch, ball hitch, tongue jack and springs. All of which requires regular lubricating and greasing through out the year. It is a good idea to make lubricating an important part of the routine before every long road trip.


It is important that all the moving trailer parts are lubricated. One of the most important parts is to include cylindrical rings that connect the wheel to the axle allowing for the wheel’s free rotation as well as the wheel bearings. The wheels are extremely important trailer parts that determine the trailer’s ability to function well. It is important to maintain the wheel bearings. Since the wheel bearings and axles are a metal-on-metal duo combination, it is essential to keep them greased as well to prevent friction and potential wheel damage.


Most wheel bearings are packed with inner wheel bearings that allow the wheels to move as a whole. Any trailer part maintenance would include the cleaning and greasing the wheel bearings for every wheel. It may sound like a lot of pain but then again it is extremely important in the process of maintaining the wheel bearings.


First step would be to remove the tire and any hardware holding the wheels in place to the axle. It is typically found on the wheel hub and should be relatively easy to remove after removing the hardware that held it in place. Once the wheel bearing has been removed, move on to soaking it in gasoline to loosen grime and old grease. Next, remove the old seal followed by the inner bearing. It is crucial to thoroughly clean the inner bearing and the entire bearing as a whole.


After the trailer parts have been entirely dried, replace the inner bearing and seal the wheel bearing. Gently add grease on to the parts to prevent the breaking of the seal. Wipe off any excess grease that is seen on the trailer parts. At the same time, it would serve as a good time to grease the axle. Once after reinstalling the wheel bearings and the wheel, the whole process can be done to the next wheel until all the wheels has been lubricated and greased.

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