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Tips for Effective Grouting

10/8/2013 4:31:40 PM | by Anonymous

Grouting Materials

Grouting materials are important to keep the pieces of tiles on our floors in place. If not done properly, the floor can look uneven and ugly. Thus, you should consult a professional to grout your floor tiles. But if you wish to do it yourself, then here are some tips to ensure that you do not mess up your floor. Grouting materials include a type of cement called grout that dries after being exposed to air for a few hours. It should not be a difficult process. In order to grout floor tiles, you need grouting materials such as a metal trowel, a cloth, water, sponge, a leveler and the grout itself.

The first tip for effective grouting is to ensure that all the tiles are laid flat on the floor. Take note of the spaces between the tiles, they should be even. A good way to keep an even measurement is to use small rubber spacers and put them in between the tiles. You should also be constantly using the leveler to ensure that the tiles are flat. The leveler is good for displaying the level or evenness of the floor. Another tip would be to choose the appropriate type of grout. Grout can come in a variety of colors and textures. This includes sanded type and un-sanded type. Un-sanded grouting is good for tiles with smaller gaps in between marble tiles. Sanded grouts are better for ceramic floor tiles with bigger tiles in between them.

The strongest type of grouting material would the cement-based type. Especially for those who wish to grout the floors themselves. Many of the grouts can be easily bought from stores along with the appropriate grouting materials. The key for proper grouting is getting the grout-to-water ratio correct. You should definitely follow the instructions given on the package to ensure that the right amount of water is added. There should be sufficient amount of water so that the grout is thick, but at the same time easy to spread.

Once you are done mixing the grout, do not straight away apply it to the tiles. Instead, practice applying the grout on a board or another part of the floor where it will not matter if you make mistakes. Once you feel that you are comfortable with applying the grout, take the sponge and cloth to clean the tiles first. This is to make sure that there no dirt around that could stain the tiles on the floor.

As grouting floor tiles may be very messy, ensure that you wear clothes that you do not mind getting stained. Also, ensure that you place signs around to warn people that you are grouting the floor tiles. If someone accidentally steps on them then all your effort would be wasted.


Removing tile grouts

If you have existing tile grouts, you would have to remove them first. The removal of tile grouts is much easier than applying them. Some grouting materials used for removing tile grouts involve simple tools such as a screwdriver and a hammer. The screwdriver is used as chisel. If you would like to complete the job faster, you may purchase a power grinder.

If you use a hammer and a chisel, there are some techniques to take note of. Instead of holding the screwdriver in a vertical position, you should hold it at an angle instead if not you may chip the tiles. Using these grout materials requires a lot of patience but it saves you a lot of money as you do not have to buy additional equipment.

Another effective grouting material is a scraper. A scraper is made up of steel which has a small tooth attached on it to scrap the grout away. It is much easier and not to mention quieter, to use a scraper instead of a hammer and chisel. Since there is nothing to guide the scraper, you should be careful not to accidentally scrap the tiles.

Overall, grouting is not a very difficult thing to you. The main thing to be aware of is to follow all the instructions clearly and make sure you have a steady hand. Be it applying or removing grout tiles please ensure you have the proper grouting materials and always remember to practice, use the tools effectively and your floor should be looking good.

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