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Tips for Buying Used Computers

10/1/2013 11:52:03 AM | by Anonymous

Computers: Used

In today’s times where the computers have become an essential part of life for work or recreational purposes, they have become an important piece of equipment to own. However, as the growth and advancement of technology are so rapid, older but fully functional computers quickly become obsolete. It may be wiser and more cost efficient to purchase a used computer. However, used computers do have disadvantages as well. In this article, tips to keep in mind for those who are interested in buying a new computer will be discussed.

What do you need the computer for?

Like most technological products, computers vary greatly based on many factors such as the specifications, features, size and brands. This fragmentation is caused by manufacturers tailoring different types of computers to suit the various needs of consumers. For example, if the computer is to be used mainly for browsing the web then a less powerful computer would do. However, if it is to be used to play high end games, then it would need better hardware such as a more powerful processor and graphics card.

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether the used computer needs to be portable or not. This will help you decide if it is better to get a desktop computer or a laptop computer. If the computer is meant to be placed at home, then a desktop computer would be much better as they are often cheaper as well. However, if you require the computer that needs to be portable then the laptop would be a better choice.

The next thing to look out for is specifications. Specifications should meet the buyer’s requirements, this depends on the tasks the buyer intends to do. If the used computer would be used for gaming, then look out for a computer with better specs. If you intend to store many files on your computer, find a computer with a larger capacity. This is extremely important as you may be disappointed if the computer does not meet your expectations.

If you have decided to get a laptop, another thing to look out for is the battery. As many used computers or laptops have batteries that may have deteriorated over time, used batteries have lost its charging capacity. This is because when a battery is manufactured, there are only a certain number of charge cycles that the battery can go through before it dies. This means you have to take into consideration the cost of a new battery or a new AC adapter. This is important if you intend to bring the laptop around, as you don’t want the laptop to run out of battery when you need it the most. However, if you are buying a used desktop computer then this will not be a problem.

Research properly before buying

You may know of some friends who are selling their used computers, but don’t get enticed by them by thinking you are doing them a favor. It is very important that you research the market before buying any used computers. You can do so by checking out many electronic malls or you can even do so at the comfort of your own home through online retailing websites such as eBay.

When buying used computers, you should understand the disadvantages as well. As most original equipment manufacturers usually provide operating software and certain computer peripherals. This means if you should take into consideration the costs of the software and peripherals as well, as it may be more worth it to buy a new computer which includes all of these items.

Apart from operating software and computer peripherals, you should also consider if you might want to upgrade or replace any parts. As some parts may be very expensive and overall if the costs are the same as a new computer, why not just get a new computer instead?

Check for any flaws if possible

If you are lucky enough to be able to test out the used computer before you use it, do take note of several things. Firstly check the external surface, which include the screen, for any cracks or damage. Also remember to check the ports, inputs to see if they are all functioning, bring your own peripherals to do the tests. If the computer comes with warranty, check the warranty, any included software and make sure the license keys are provided to you.

If you happen to be buying from a friend, perhaps you could ask if you can borrow the used computer for a day. By using the computer for a day, it will provide much useful information such as the battery life, the speed of the computer, all of which can better help you make a right decision.

Thus, buying a used computer is not as simple as you think. The process of buying a used may be even more difficult for people who are not familiar with technology, which makes them even more vulnerable to scams. As long as you follow the tips above, you should be able to own a proper used computer for your money’s worth.

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