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Things to note when choosing Automation Software

9/13/2013 4:43:43 PM | by Anonymous

Automation Software

Automation Software provides automation wizards and commands on its own. Additionally, providing task recording and re-play capabilities. Using the automation software, you are able to record and IT or business task. If needed, the editor can also be used to edit the task, addition of new actions to the tasks, using variables or prompting users for values. On top of that, you can also get the automation software to write an automation script from scratch using the GUI automation command wizards provided. It plays a vital role in developing effective automated data acquisition and control systems.

A few things to note when evaluating Automation Software.

1. Does the automation software offer task recording capabilities?

Check if the automation software provides recording capabilities. If it does, it would be easier to record a script and edit it directly instead of writing an entirely new automation script from scratch.

2. Is the automation software easy to learn?

Automation Software by definition has certain automation commands and a manual on how to create a automated task. It should be noted if it is easy to learn and whether or not it offers wizard based task creation. If not, a new programming language needs to be learnt. It is also important to check if the automation software offers powerful yet easy to use wizard based macro automation commands at the same time.

3. How easy will it be to edit a macro or automation script?

It is crucial to find out if the automation script provides easy editing to features. Much automation software shows thousands of complicated steps for a simple script. It is generally easier if the user figures out where and what to edit when needed to. Also, is the script easy to read? Having task editing capabilities too difficult for use that you might have to re-record it defines poor automation software. Do a simple test to the automation software you are evaluating, record the simple script, login to the web based email, see if the task editor can be opened and then lastly change the password and make a few simple modifications to it. Then, pick any simpler scripts you can find or prefer

4. Automation/Macro commands

Some automation software provides 20 or more automation commands. Some others provide hundreds. Why is the automation software needed for? Besides automating complex tasks, your job is basically to automate things; you may just need one with 20 or less commands. On another note, for complicated tasks, 20 commands may note necessarily enough as well

Automation Software is also tested to confirm that all valid inputs have been correctly interpreted and executed while incorrect inputs are being thrown out. The test also verifies results generated efficiently and that a large volume of data can be handled without disruptions. Testing can either be done either electronically or manually. Automated software testing involves the use of specialized software to put the code that is under development to test. This testing benefits the software development process when applied judiciously.

Manual tests are dependent on the meticulousness of people conducting the test. However, it is time consuming and needs a significant ratio of testers to developers for the applications. This causes the raise in cost of development. Additionally, manual testing limits large amounts of data and simultaneous users or inputs cannot be tested easily.

Automated software tests program control test execution as well as the evaluation of output. The testing software provides input corresponding to the different conditions. Each set of conditions, the testing software will compare the actual to desired results. It also helps to maintain statistics on the aggregate behaviour of the software. Testing software typically provides summary results so that people can rapidly determine what needs remedy.

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