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The Most Extreme Adventure Holiday Destinations

12/9/2013 7:57:00 AM | by Iveta Ivanova

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Perhaps you are planning your world trip, a getaway with friends or just with family, or maybe you are a newlywed that wants to embark on an extreme and exciting adventure holiday. Finally we have organized our days off from work and the kids are free from school and montessori so we must do our best to make use of our time off. Either way you are in for the time of your life so be sure to invest in some travel insurance before you venture off for your own security and peace of mind. If you are still on the fence about where you should travel to for your adventure holiday, we have put together a few suggestions below. Take a look!


Gobi Desert Motorcycle Tour

The famous Gobi Desert is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, and what could be more exciting that touring it by a speeding motorbike? As you travel through the sands your will encounter bizarre rock formations, canyons, sand dunes and forests. It really has to be seen to be believed. The trip lasts 10 days and you will travel over 1,500 km through Bali, Labuan Bajo, Kanawa Island and Mangyatan Island to name just a few of the prime locations. It’s a fascinating, exciting, cultural and scenic experience, and an adventure to say the least.


Yukon Dog Sledding - Canada

The Yukon Territory trails go through gravel country roads, they pass through mountain valleys and alpine passes and look spectacular in the winter snow. You can embark on single day or multi day Yukon Dog Sledding tours and the fee includes overnight accommodation and meals. The season usually runs from November to April for the most suitable weather conditions. There are designated areas in the Yukon Territory that are used as dog sledding training grounds and there are two very famous local races that are held every year in the north, an absolute adventure if you are there to attend!


Mount Everest Helicopter Safari

The Mount Everest Helicopter Safari begins at The Tribhuvan International Airport and travels towards the east, parallel to the Himalayan Mountains until it reaches the ultimate destination where you will marvel in the spectacular view of Mount Everest. You will also fly very close to Mount Langtang and Jugal Himal also on your way back with a breathtaking aerial view of the entire valley. The six-day mountain safari takes you through the world’s tallest peaks and the summiteers narrate everything that is happening. It is quite a costly fair, with a ticket price weighing in at $7,975 per person, so you might have to break open the piggy bank for this one! However the experience will be unforgettable! 


Indonesian Komodo Dragon Kayaking Expedition

This is one of the most unique adventure holidays you will ever encounter. Paddle your sea kayak from some of the world’s most remote beaches, reefs and uninhabited islands. Not to mention the islands inhabited by mythical dragons. This ten-day expedition that leaves from Bali is one of a kind and a once off experience for any tourist. All participants will get the chance to swim and snorkel in some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Explore the wonderful wildlife on the Rinca walk where you will see the dragons, buffalo, deer, monkeys and wild pigs all in their natural habitats. Without doubt the highlight of the trip is seeing the Komodo Dragons. Their sheer size and strength is unbelievable. In length they are over 3 metres and weigh over 150kg.


Whatever adventure you decide to embark on, you will be in for a treat, and a once in a lifetime experience. Happy travelling!

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