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The Most Common Types of Hydraulic Jacks and Their Functionality

5/5/2015 12:44:40 PM | by Reign Lim

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are one of the mechanical devices intended to use for lifting heavy loads. These devices are extensively used worldwide. With the use of hydraulic fluid, the machine is powered to provide lift over greater heights and distances. The theory of hydraulics has created an intense effect on people’s lives.

Types of Hydraulic Jacks

Bottle Jack – This type of hydraulic jack has a bottle like shape on its main body where the hydraulic lift is located. This jack is created as a manual type. It has a handle that the user needs to pump in order for the lift to be elevated. It comes in various sizes with different lifting weight capacities. Some bottle jacks can lift four tons and others can handle fifty tons of numerous varieties of objects. Its common uses include automobile and house foundation repairs. A bottle jack’s heavy duty and larger models are known as barrel jack.

Pneumatic Jack – It is a hydraulic jack that functions with the help of compressed air. This type of hydraulic jack is a telescopic jack which is perfect for servicing buses, trucks and heavy duty machineries. It provides easy and fast lifting. This jack is designed to function for extremely high axles and operates smoothly and silently on the floor. It has three handle positional options that enable easy maneuvering.

Floor Jack – A floor jack is a very handy and useful tool which has castor wheels for easy maneuvering. One of the types of floor jacks is automotive floor jack. This type of floor jack uses hydraulics to lower and raise heavy vehicles such as trucks and cars. It allows auto-mechanics to check on brake systems, exhaust pipes, inspect for undercarriage damage and quick changing of tires. Another type of floor jack is often used in homes specifically to those who have walls that are few inches away from crumbling down or have sagging foundations. It can also be used as a preventive measure since it supports the floor joist of the house thus preventing it to sag.

Strand Jack – This jack is used for lifting very heavy construction loads and for engineering purposes. It is used worldwide to raise offshore structures, bridges, power stations, refineries, and other structures. A strand jack is used for skidding operations and heavy lifting procedures.

Hi-Lift Jack – It is also known as farm jack. A hi-lift jack is an important recovery gear for road adventures. It is often used when changing a flat tire, lifting a vehicle out of mud or using it as a hand operated winch to free a stranded vehicle. This jack’s versatility covers various applications such as clamping, winching, lifting, pushing and pulling. Farm jacks are extremely useful for off-road vehicles.

Hydraulic Jacks work very efficiently and are available in various types and constructions. This makes them applicable for many various industries. The benefit of having a hydraulic jack is that it can be very useful to almost everybody. It is portable and is now an integral part of people’s must-have tools. These jacks are very significant in both professional use and construction sites, and also for personal use.

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