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The Importance of Certificated Precision Engineering

2/22/2013 9:11:30 AM | by Anonymous

Precision Machining Service

If you were thinking about getting your car put through an MOT inspection would you be confident that the job would be done correctly if the owner of the garage told you that his garage was not an approved MOT test centre? Probably not!


Surely then the same must apply to your precision engineering requirements…


When sourcing precision engineering services it is imperative that you ensure that the company you choose to carry out this extremely specialised work has a current certification of ISO 9001:2008 compliance. This certificate ensures that the company you are dealing with has implemented and maintains a rigorous Quality Management System in line with the service/s that the company offers.


All precision engineering companies should perform a yearly audit to ensure that they are in full compliance with the regulations and are able to continue maintaining and improving quality of service.


Engineering companies achieve this certification by implementing a range of fully documented policies and procedures which will require that their staff attend regular awareness training and coaching sessions, regular staff revision and refinement of any company/industry quality manuals and the company's selection of an independent certification body to carry out the external assessment at the end of the process. Once these measures are in place and all procedures are followed correctly a company can quite possibly achieve certification within six months.


Once the correct measures are in place the certification applicant is required to undertake a rigorous gap analysis conforming to the standard’s requirements, followed by a detailed action plan preparation to identify and correct areas in which the company falls short. Secondly a company selected individual will be chosen to fully project manage the implementation of all the necessary measures. Following the implementation and application of all of the above procedures, measures and the production of documented policies and procedures the company can perform a dummy run of the accreditation process which, over a period of a few weeks, will expose any flaws in the company's performance. Once exposed these flaws can, by utilizing internal audits, be correctly managed and rectified before the independent assessment proper.


Not only does this certification provide the customer with the peace of mind that we all require when sourcing work that we need to have done but it also gives the company in question a real competitive advantage against its unaccredited competition. The implementation of the required procedures can also have large cost saving benefits for the company that come as a direct result of improved efficiency and productivity after any product or service deficiencies have been highlighted.


Other benefits for the company that come as a direct result of this change in working practice can also include many unimagined improvements which can lead to less waste, fewer mistakes and rejected work and, more importantly fewer customer complaints. By implementing these new procedures companies can also find it much easier to consistently meet order deadlines on time and to the correct customer specification opening up the possibility of increased opportunities and saving considerable amounts of money in the process due to the new streamlined practices.


The fact is that this ISO 9001:2008 certification is the most widely recognised international standard for quality management systems proving that the company that holds it has implemented and correctly maintains a Quality Management System in line with the service/s that the company offers.


Author Bio: This article was written by Andrew Lazarus, the MD of UK based engineering company Lazgil – Precision Engineering. Andrew has been working with Lazgil for over 25 years and has an exceptional understanding of the requirements of manufacturing in the UK.

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