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The Importance of Car Brakes Repair

3/17/2012 9:26:12 AM | by Anonymous


Brake is a very important part of the car. It must be checked regularly to ensure not only your safety but also everyone on the road. Brakes are responsible for slowing and stopping motion of your vehicle. Brake failure can cause a serious tragedy if not prevented. There are signs that can help you determine if it is working properly or undergoing mechanical breakdown.


One of the easiest ways to know if your car may be having a mechanical failure is by checking if there are leaks. Look for stains under your car. The stain can possibly be from coolant, motor oil or brake fluid. Coolant will appear green and more watery. Motor oil feels slimy to the touch and probably has brown or black color. Brake fluid is not slimy and looks like fresh motor oil. You need to touch the fluid in order to feel the difference. Confirm the leak by looking at the brake master cylinder which is usually found on the driver’s side of the car, under the front hood. The level of the fluid should be nearer to the maximum capacity than the minimum line.


A faulty break when pressed produces sound. If you can hear a constant squeaking noise, have your car checked by a mechanic. The cause of this could be friction from the brake lining. If not addressed at once, pads, lining, brake drums and rotors can be damaged. Another sound that you might hear is a grinding noise. It indicates that the brake pads are worn out and you are stopping your car by grinding metal brake pad holder against your drums or rotors. Worn, damaged or uneven brake linings can cause your car being pulled to one side while running. When this happens, consult a mechanic to have your vehicle fixed.


Brakes should be the priority in your car repair list. Having your car checked before you encounter a road problem can save you time, money and even your life.

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