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The Fundamentals of Electrical Connectors and Cable Lugs

7/10/2015 10:43:18 AM | by Donna Specter

Cable Lugs

A device that is used to join two or more electrical circuits together is called an electrical connector. These electrical connectors are typically utilized to set up temporary connections, though some may be used to install permanent ones. Electrical connectors are definitely a significant part of modern day devices. There are various types of electrical connectors including terminal blocks, plug and socket connectors, crimp-on terminal connectors, component and device connectors and cable lugs.

Cable lugs, also referred to as Cable terminal ends or cable shoes are electrical supplies utilized to securely connect or terminate cables to electrical devices, power or control panels, junction boxes, equipments and machineries. These lugs are often used to join power cables together as well. Cable Lugs intended to ensure the safety of both the appliances and human beings. These lugs can be uniquely engineered according to the client’s preferences and requirements.

An electrical cable carries electric current to equipments, machineries, power or control panels, junction boxes and various electrical devices depending on the cable size and capacity to carry electrical current. Proper termination and connection of these cables are as important as an improper connection that may result to short circuit or leakage and lead to costly damage to machines or even the user. The method of proper terminating of power cable is done by safely and securely linking the leading end of cable to the bus bar inside the panel or junction box or into the input point of the machine or equipment.

The functionality of a cable lug is one of the most safe and common method of cable termination. It is designed in a way that cable termination and removal for maintenance or repair is very simple, thus a cable lug is broadly used instead of direct fastening methods. It is also utilized by almost electrical equipment even in manufacturing of tires for vehicles, drums and many others. The various types of lugs consist of terminal lugs, tube lugs, fork lugs, bi metallic lugs and aluminum tubular lugs. The option for the material used in cable lugs depends on the type of the cable. Electrical cable lugs can be used on automobiles as the role of lugs for efficient performance of the machines is highly indispensable as well as in electrical boxes, transformers and generator machines.

Copper lugs are utilized widely for numerous functionality; they are often used to decrease the diameter of a thick cable for it to be able to attach the cable to the other end that are of small diameters. Copper wires used in speakers are commonly made with spade lugs that are gold plated on top which give full protection to the speakers and keep them protected for maximum performance and durability. Also, there are terminal lugs and compression cable lugs which are made with PVC sleeves for protection to avoid any kind of electrical shocks and shortages. When you see the various types of electrical cable lugs, you are definitely going to find lugs which have sleeves that are made of reinforced metals and others made of battery cable lugs. The function of having metal reinforcement is that it helps the cable lugs to have perfect grip and have smooth travel of current through the conductor, thus helping it be safe and protected. In some cases where there is more vibration, lugs act as terminators for the electrical cables from current connection.

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