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The Evolution of Mooncakes

5/4/2012 8:24:54 AM | by Anonymous


Mooncakes are associated to Mid-Autumn Festival, a popular Chinese occasion. It is celebrated by Chinese families by eating Mooncakes and sipping a pot of tea while gazing up at the moon. This festive food used to be only consumed during Mid-Autumn Festival which made the event known as Mooncake Festival as well. It used to be only consumed during this time of the year until the festival became a month long event. This resulted to evolution of the traditional Mooncakes into different versions. Traditional baked mooncakes are filled with lotus paste and egg yolk in the middle which signifies the moon and either served round or square. Today, you can enjoy eating them more because of the numerous varieties that emerged.


A lot of types of Mooncakes are being served in Singapore during Mid-Autumn Festival. Their differences mainly are the fillings and the tone of the exterior. One type of unconventional mooncake is referred to as Snowskin. Snowskin mooncake comes in different flavors and has to be chilled before eaten. It is unbaked and made with fried glutinous rice flour which probably made it softer compared to traditional ones. It can be filled with nuts, fruits, chocolate, marshmallow, garlic and a lot more. The color can help determine what fillings are inside. For instance, white represents lotus paste, yellow for durian paste while green is for pandan/green tea.


Besides the fillings, the crust of Mooncakes varies too. They can be chewy, flaky or tender. Chewy crust is the most common type among the three. It has reddish and glossy surface. It is not only available in round and square but also in fish and piglet shapes. Flaky crusts are cooked deep fried. It has the same texture as the likes of puff pastry. Tender crusts have similar texture as tart shells. It is baked which is the traditional way of making early Mooncakes.


Mooncakes are not a seasonal confectionary anymore. You do not have to wait for Mid–Autumn Festival so you can get to enjoy the taste of Mooncakes.

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