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The Essence of Having a Grass Cutting Service

8/3/2015 9:54:41 AM | by CLB

Grass Cutting Service

Cutting grass is important to each homeowner or lawn owner. These owners want their gardens to look green and lovely so they value a beautifully designed and landscaped yard. Some prefer to do the lawn mowing on their own but some choose to have the grass cutting services. People who don’t have the time and ability to manage their own lawn, or do not have the right tools are the potential customers of various grass cutting service provider.

Mowing the lawn on your own is sometimes tricky especially to those who lack knowledge and skills which can result to a damaged grass or worse. One can tear the grass rather than cut it which leads to the roots being pulled out. Grass cutting service providers who are cultured with cutting techniques and equipped with complete and right tools should be the ones to perform the required lawn maintenance.

The following are the common types of lawn tools used by a grass or lawn cutting service provider:
• String Trimmer – used to cut grass on areas where lawn mower find hard to reach and is suitable to use around fences, patios, and walls.
• Edging Shear – makes the trimming convenient and easy by pushing the soil away while trimming the grass on the edge like scissors.
• Turfing Iron – used to get rid of turf from existing lawns severing the grass roots
• Half moon cutter – designed to create sharp and crisp edges as well as neat cuts. Its half moon shaped cutter with flat blade efficiently slices through the turf that guarantees a straight line.
• Broom – common garden tool used to sweep paths, patios, and other surfaces after a lawn renovation.
• Besom – also known as witch broom. It is used as a broom’s alternative and is an effective tool in sweeping leaves off the surface of the lawn as well as removing the grass clips when mowing is done. This is made by tying brushwood into a sturdy wooden stick using a string.
• Leveling rake – also known as landscape rakes and is used for general leveling of the soil preparing the ground for the seed or turf growing.
• Spring-tined rake – wire-tined rakes used to eliminate lawn thatch, dead pieces of grass at the base of the plants. It can also remove leaves scattered on the lawn.
• Switch – a kind of whippy rod used to remove the dew each morning and to dry out the lawn by brushing over the grass in a circular way. It is applied to prevent fungus and other diseases.

Preparing all the things needed is very necessary before starting the job. Here are some steps or guidelines that lawn mowing service provider comply with:
1. Put on the protective clothing and prepare the right equipment.
2. Check the condition of the grass cutting equipment including the oil and gas.
3. Wear personal protective equipment such as ear protection.
4. Keep things such as toys, rocks, and woods, away from the lawn for continuous operation.
5. Pull all weeds.
6. Cut Edge grass perimeters first.
7. Turn on the equipment and start the cutting.

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