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The Elder Scrolls Online Game Features

6/11/2014 9:51:28 AM | by Muhammad Azam

Games: Adventure

The Elder Scrolls Online is the new multiplayer online game in the Elder Scrolls series which combines medieval fantasy, ancient evil and a bit of political conflict. The game is set in the fictional continent of Tamriel, one thousand years before the previous version Skyrim.



You need to have an elder scrolls online account in order to play the game by paying subscription fee. The game starts off by designing your avatar. You have lots of options to customize your avatar. You will have 9 out of 10 groups to occupy Tamirel. Each group has its own unique abilities. Your character is going to decide which factions you will join. You will have 4 classes to choose from including Dragon knight, Templar, Sorcerer, or Night blade.


Skills and Items
The game play of the Elder Scrolls Online looks similar to that of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Each character gets 3 kinds of vitals; health, magic, and stamina. Similarly, each character has its own skills, weapons, armors, craft skills, and not to forget racial skills. As you progress in the game, you will unlock plenty of more abilities.



The Elder Scrolls Online weapons given to the player in the beginning are of a low level and the clothes aren’t too good either. As the player defeats the enemies and completes the quest, he earns experience points. Reaching a new level will increase the vitals too.



Quests and Combats
You will have a mission associated with each character. On the completion of a mission, you will be rewarded with TESO gold, items, and experience points. . Some quests will be difficult to complete alone. The player might fall short of armor abilities or his own character abilities to defeat the enemy. This means that the player will have to go back to the city square to find something that might help him.



TESO Community
There is an online community for all the TESO players too. There is local chat feature, and many other guilds related to PVP and PVE too. The online community can help the players to enjoy the game.



Game Features
• The players are allowed to play in 4 different types of warrior. But the weapon choices will remain the same across each warrior type. Each class will have a set of techniques which will help add to the replay value.


• The Elder Scrolls Online Game is a house full of customization... You can even create your own ultimate warriors and frequently make improvements in the character as you learn when you progress in the game.


• The worst thing about online MMOs is the loot system but in TESO, the loot is individually instanced to players. There is even trading of gaming assets for gold. You can find more about this trading at websites such as PlayerAuctions - unofficial ESO gold and items Trading Marketplace.


• There is an option of building relationships in Elder Scrolls Online.  As soon as you find a fellow warrior, you can shack up with them. You will get rings and when you will participate in battles, you will get experience bonuses. There is power of marriage in TESO. However, you will need a good amount of gold for this.



Exploring the game isn’t going to be easy, there will be explosions, war, terror, and evasion... But as soon as players will reach further levels, the excitement will double.

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