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The Art of Geomancy

4/4/2012 11:24:39 AM | by Anonymous


Geomancy or more popularly known as Feng Shui in Singapore refers to the practice of positioning objects which helps in attracting positive energy and, in turn, improves one’s life. Some of the factors that geomancers take into consideration when inspecting a house are the type of furniture and their colors, the location of the doors and windows, and the shape of the house. Besides giving instruction on the proper arrangement of the house, there are other more reasons why the art of geomancy is being sought for.


One part of the house that is altered when undergoing a renovation is the wall paint. There is no need to be overwhelmed with the vast range of colors available since Feng Shui will provide a list of proper shades to use as well as those needed to be avoided. It does not only give you relief from the complicated process of selecting colors but also lets you choose one that is said to bring prosperity. It usually advises to use the shade of five elements namely fire, earth, water, wood and metal.


Another service that geomancers offer is determining favorable dates for important occasions such as wedding, product launches and moving into a new home or office space. It is also told that a person’s luck depends on his name. Someone who feels that he has encountered a lot of misfortunes in his life can try changing his name. Feng shui masters offer naming services to help bring luck to a person.


Geomancy has been around since the early times. Those that seek its services are the living evidence of the effectiveness of this practice. Unlike the common notion about Feng shui, it is not associated to any religion so anyone can take advantage of the benefits of this art. Have your house arranged according to this principle and let happiness, material abundance, health, good relationship and harmony be brought by your own living space.

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