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The 5 Breeds of Dogs Easiest to Train

8/21/2013 10:49:15 AM | by Iveta Ivanova

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There are a number of factors to consider prior to choosing a pet dog, you must think about the time it takes to train the dog in question, the importance of pet insurance and also, you must come to terms with how much of your own freedom you are to give up.


 It’s certainly wise to look into the various breeds available prior to choosing your new pet, as some varieties are a great deal easier to train than others. It may be wise to invest in a few puppy training classes in the early stages.


Labrador Retriever

 This particular type of dog is extremely well built, which enables this exact breed to operate in a similar manner to that of hunting dog. Its athletic conformation enables it to upland in difficult conditions for long periods of time. Labrador Retrievers tend to have a very family orientated character and their many characteristics make them suited to a variety of activities.

 The most distinguishing features of this breed are their weatherproof coats, friendly eyes and powerful jaws. Labradors are extremely intelligent dogs, which makes them one of the easiest to train.


German Shepherd Dog

 This strong, agile, energetic and alert breed is another great dog to train and one that has a distinct personality. Despite being on the fearless and direct side, German Shepherds also boast a slight aloofness and are anything but hostile. This particular dog is very approachable and is also good at following instructions. They are willing to serve their owners and if trained in the correct manner, they serve as good herding dogs as well as great pets.


Golden Retriever

 These strong, lively and friendly looking dogs were originally hunting dogs and as such showcase a well-balanced body, complete with a well developed fore chest. They look very approachable and of a cuddly nature, especially when puppies. Despite being easy to train, they do require a little more maintenance than others and as such, necessitate regular grooming sessions. They are both reliable and trustworthy and come in the shape of a great family dog.


Yorkshire Terrier

 These extremely intelligent dogs boast a short stature, yet one that is well proportioned and compact. Despite their small structure, they are certainly not timid, making them both excellent family and watchdogs. Due to their alertness and bravery, they can be trained easily.



 Their shape is of a strong structure and they are extremely loyal to their owners. They never hold a grudge, which makes them a good option for families with children. They are easy to train and are often used as both guard and guide dogs. Their body shape is quite square, which makes them appear strong and dominant, yet they still boast a gentle nature. As they get older, they don’t lose their vitality and remain alert, intelligent, kind, gentle, self-assured and loyal. It’s important to brush this dog’s coat every morning and evening with a specially selected brush. They make good companions to their owners, which is often why many choose this breed.


Although it can be a difficult task to train dogs, if you pick any of those you will not get such a hassle. However some trainers claim that breeds are not necessarily easy or difficult to train but depending on how you treat them, and the approach you use.


It is proved that dogs, as well as humans, have different character and behavior for which unique way is fundamental. In the end there is no doubt that all dogs are very intelligent. For this, setting clear rules and adapting according to the breed and nature of the dog will assure you a happy and well-trained pet.


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