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Advantages of Steel in Construction

5/17/2012 10:38:52 AM | by Anonymous


The common materials used in construction are steel, wood and concrete. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is stylish, cheap and durable but will not last as long as the other two. Concrete is the sturdiest among the said construction materials however, it is prone to cracks and tend to be more costly to use as it involves various materials to create one such as sand, cement and stones. Even though steel is more known as a material in producing kitchen utensils, appliances and machineries, it holds features that make it advantageous to use in home construction as well.


Steel frames are not popular in many countries. Most of the time, we only see wood frames possibly because it is cheap and easier to assemble. However, wood comes in fixed shapes and sizes unlike steel that can be easily cut in smaller portions. Steel’s elasticity allows one to only purchase the size that he needs. The length of construction will also be easier and faster which makes choosing it cost effective. Unlike wood, steel does not deteriorate over time especially if painted from the first sign of corrosion.


It is resistant to fire and insect proof particularly from termites. Steel framed houses will also survive natural occurring problems such as earthquake water damage. There are even bridges made of this durable material since they are expected to last up for over 100 years. If it reached the point when it is not anymore effective on what it is built for, the useable steel parts can be brought to steelworks for recycling.


Finally, let us not forget one important quality of steel which is being environment friendly. One does not have to cut trees that would take time to replenish. For being the most recyclable material, using steel leads to little or no waste at all.

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