The Green Book is available in 3 different types of media to suit the different sourcing needs of all types of buyers and users. We have The Green Book in Print, Internet and Mobile. These 3 types of media were designed to be used as a stand-alone product as well as complementary products to each other.

The Green Book Print


Search & Locate Your Supplier by using our 3 Unique Features

The Green Book Printed Edition is designed using the most user friendly methodology. The information about supplier is categorized into 3 unique features includes:

1) Specific Classifications

The specific classification feature in The Green Book help purchasers and buyers source for all kinds of products and services with ease. For example, technician working in an oil refinary plant need to replace some blunt Non-Sparking Tools, how would he go about looking for the Non-Sparking Tools?

Most Directories have only one general classification. “Tools”, which do not specify the type of tools in their listings. So if you were looking for a “Non-Sparking Tools”, you would have to go through the tedious process of calling up all the company listed under the general classification, “Tools” to check whether they selling Non-Sparking Tools.

The Green Book overcame this problem with its concise and specific classifications. All you have to do is look under the classifications “Tools:Non-Sparking ” and you can get a listing of all the Companies that are selling Non-Sparking Tools which will saves you a lot of your time!

With specific classifications, purchasers, buyers and users are able to obtain information they need faster.

2) Comprehensive Trade Name and Brand Name Information Listing

The Green Book trade name or brand name information is very useful for buyers, purchasers and users seeking for the agent or suppliers of a particular brand of products.

For instance, if a buyer is looking for the agent of “JUMO” Control Instruments. All the buyer need to do is look under the trade/brand name section (which lists all brand name in alphabetical order), under the alphabet “J” and the buyer will be able to locate the agent of “JUMO” Control Instruments within minutes.

With more than 25,000 trade/brand names, The Green Book trade/brand name section is one of the most comprehensive in Singapore and is highly acclaimed as the “ The Trade Name Bible of Singapore”

It is said “If you can't find a brand name in The Green Book, You will most probably can't find it anywhere else!”

3) Specific Guides

Our wide array of 19 comprehensive specific guides, provide users with detailed information pertaining to their interest in less than a minute!

Specific Guides such as Computer Guide provides all companies that selling computer products, services and accessories.

The Green Book Website (

TheGreenBook Website

The Green Book Internet is one of the most popular Online Search Directory to locate products and services in Singapore. The Green Book Online Search Directory allow users to search information by:

  • Products & Services
  • Company Name
  • Brand Name
  • Telephone & Fax

Type of Online Advertisements:

  1. Webpage Advertising with special listing features List more detailed information about your company products and services and position it on the top of every related search result. There are 4 types of special listing includes platinum listing, gold listing, silver listing, and basic listing. Each listing will list the companies information in a different position.
  2. Web Banner Advertising Design the company banners, placed it under related classification pages and on strategic position to target viewer's interest.
  3. Send instant trade enquiries to companies regarding their service or products.

The Green Book Mobile (Available for Android and iOS platforms)

TheGreenBook Cd-Rom

The Green Book mobile is a interactive mobile app for Android and iOS devices that helps you find anything you want immediately. It is convenient for users who do not want to use their desktops or laptops make use of our service.

The Green Book Mobile

  • Convenient to use from mobile phones or tablets
  • List all the companies in industrial-commercial guide
  • User Friendly design which allow users to search by products & service classification, brand name, company name, phone number.
  • Contain the most updated product & service, brand name and company information.
  • Contain advertisement, which allows users to view their products and services that the company offers.
  • Send instant trade enquiries to companies regarding their service or products.