The Green Book Directory is an informative directory that helps countless of industrial, commercial & consumer sellers match their product and services to masses of potential buyers.

The Green Book unique features and functions will surely give impact and benefits to all its users as it continuously aims to provide the most comprehensive and advanced search results and information !

Quick Reference Index

  • This section lists all product and service classifications in alphabetical order, available in the Product & Service Section.
  • It directs users to the page number of the products and services that they are looking for.
  • It is comprehensively crossed referenced to assist users in locating any products or services that may not be listed under the classifications that they are searching at.
  • This section provides the quickest and fastest way to find the products or services that users need.

Specific Guides Index

  • This section provides a list of 19 specific guides relating to specific industries.
  • A specific guide is most useful when a user is looking for information related to a specific industry. For example, users who are specifically looking for information in the Aviation industry would be able to use the Aviation Specific Guide to find all relevant product and service classifications related only to the aviation industry, thus making the search highly specific, informative and time saving.
  • Please refer to the contents page of this section to find the list of the 19 specific guides available in this directory.

Products And Services

  • This section contains 200,000 over detailed and specific product and service listings for fast and effective searching.
  • It is listed in classification alphabetical order from A - M in volume 1 and from N - Z in Volume 2 for easy sourcing.
  • It features numerous display advertisements of products and services offered by companies.

Trade Name

  • This section provides a comprehensive listing of more than 20,000 trade names, covering over 250 pages
  • The Trade Names are listed in alphabetical order in Volume 2 from A - Z making it simple for users who want to source for suppliers of a specific trade name.

Exhibitions And Conventions

  • This section gives users an overview of the Trade Exhibitions held in Asia for 2011.
  • Please refer to the contents page of this section for more information.