About The Green Book

Since its inception, The Green Book has been a prominent source of information for its users. With our comprehensive database of information and information products, we have constantly met and satisfied the procurement needs of a wide range of industries and interests. We have come a long way from a mere printed media to one that has now grown to meet the needs of millions of online users. With a rich tradition of providing user-friendly sources of business information, The Green Book has become a trusted name for establishing business contacts for hundreds of thousands of users in Singapore and the rest of the world.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of quality e-business, advertising, and information services for local and international markets.

Why choose The Green Book?

Users such as CEOs, Managers, Purchasers, Engineers and up to the ordinary consumers depends on The Green Book as No.1 sourcing guide for their fast searching. Read all the testimonials of our customers where they expressed their satisfaction as to how The Green Book has helped them increase their customer base and revenue.