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Starting out in Archery as a Hobby

3/5/2012 3:49:37 PM | by Anonymous


Archery is a skill that involves the use of bows and arrows. It was practiced historically for hunting and combat. The archers during warfare were important in winning the battle. They can destroy their opponents from afar leaving only a few to reach their base. As time goes by, military defense developed and new fire arms are invented. These made archery an ineffective military weapon. Today, the hunting purpose of archery remains and is now practiced as a sport and hobby.


Taking archery as a hobby seems easy enough to learn. One may think that all you need to do is pull the arrow from the bowstring then release it. Archery may not need physical strength at first but it will surely require your complete attention and focus. The skill in archery is determined by the distance of your shooting range and the draw weight of the bow that you can handle. You can start at 15 yards using a 25 lb draw weight bow. As you learn how to aim properly and improve your accuracy, you will yearn for a longer shooting range and a better bow. Once you become an expert in archery, then you can start practicing it as a sport and begin joining competitions.


Starting out with archery can be expensive in a way that you have to buy your own bow and arrow. To avoid spending before learning archery, you can start off by going to an archery range and renting the necessary equipment. It enables you to know if archery is the hobby you really want to pursue. Another advantage is you get to try different kinds of bows. Physical strength and arm length are factors needed to be considered when choosing a bow. Once you reached the point that you want to purchase your own bow and arrow, searching for the right archery equipment would be an easy task for you.

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