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Significance of engaging in an after School Student Care Center

8/19/2015 8:41:58 AM | by Lindsay

After School Student Care Centre

A student care center is excellent in nurturing a child at a very young age. It provides care and supervision to children aged 7 to 14 years old and ensures to give a stimulating and conducive environment where they actively grow and develop. It is a place where children can rest after school. This before and after school care center leads to the advancement of children in various dimensions including their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

Some children do have difficulty in understanding all the information given to them all the time. An after school care center will be the one to do some adjustments depending on the capability of a student. Parents can now be at ease as the special treatment and extra quality education will be given to their precious sons and daughters.

This kind of child care center provides continuous care and proper guidance as they enter the primary school. It is able to support parents in organizing educational and care activities for the betterment of their children. This child care network has different sets of courses that can be applied. This includes enthusiastic supervision on children’s homework, arrangement of recreational activities such as play and other enrichment programs. Excursion trips and camps for children during holidays are available as well.

Student Care Center / After School Student Care Center Basic Guidelines

• Physical Environment
This consists of indoor and outdoor spaces including necessary furniture, machine and complete resource materials that can be used by students as learning medium. This day care center should maintain its safety and cleanliness which encourage culture participation promoting constructive relationship between the staff and the student.

Indoor spaces should accommodate the maximum capacity of students. It is required to provide an allowable area of about 3 square meters for 1 student. Some interest corners such as book shelves or other activity areas where art and craft materials can be used are also recommended for rest and relaxation. In addition, all rooms should be well-ventilated and good lighting should be considered. Outdoor spaces are creatively designed offering students the opportunity to have fun, do teamwork, perform problem solving and create new experiences.

• Safety / Health / Hygiene / Nutrition
An important aspect which most parents ensure before entrusting their children is their safety and security. All materials, equipment and furnishings should be sturdy and in good condition to ensure that there are no toxic compositions or sharp edges that might harm the students. Every part of the premises should maintain its clean and hygienic condition. Moreover, fire, emergency, and other precautionary measures should be taken into consideration. Make sure that the first aid kit is always available to maintain a complete supply of medical items.

• Staffing
Professional and well-experienced student care center staffs who can meet all the basic qualifications including the personality, age, health as well as knowledge are needed in operating a student care center.

• Program
A good child day care program focuses on the needs and development which supports the learning of every student. This early childhood care and education provides quality learning at the same time giving the leisure and recreational care within a warm, safe and caring environment.

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