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Roles of Oil Field Service Providers

6/18/2013 7:56:53 AM | by Anonymous

Oil Field Service

Oil field service refers to companies that provide the equipment and perform the processes needed in oil exploration. They are involved in the extraction process which is the first step before the petroleum product is produced. The oil & gas industry is usually responsible in locating oil reservoirs. Once an oil field is found, the necessary equipment needs to be set-up. Starting an oil field exploration is complex as there are a lot of factors needed to be taken into account. An oil field engineer has to evaluate the land in order to see if the land has adequate oil that could bring profit excluding the exploration expenses. He will determine the most cost-efficient method of drilling which includes selecting of the right oil field equipment. The role of this equipment is to pump out the oil beneath the earth’s surface. Since the type of equipment to use in every exploration varies, it is impractical for oil & gas industries to invest in having their own huge equipment.


Another tedious task that oil field services can do is the installation of pipes where the oil will flow. They will facilitate the joining and welding of pipes. Oil reservoirs are usually located in remote areas. This added on the difficulty of establishing an oil field. Huge oil field equipment and heavy pipes have to go through a long journey to reach the field. To make moving them possible, they have to be transported in parts and assembled on their destination.


Apart from the equipment, the oil field service can provide the workers. They can make sure that workers know how to operate the drilling equipment. There will be field operators who can handle all the tasks relating to the machinery. They are trained to set-up, maintain and do the repairs when the oil field equipment got broken. Besides being familiar with the equipment, the workers should hold qualities such as stamina and physical strength to face extreme conditions. Oil field operators report to field engineer so the latter can create an overall report about the operations.


Oil field service is also responsible in the construction of pipelines. Large pipes are used so a huge amount of oil can be transported at one time. Oil wells can either be found in the desert or beneath the sea surface. Long and sturdy pipelines are needed to transport the oil overland without causing spill in the ocean. To make sure that the operations will be successful, a skilled underwater welder is highly required for the job. The wide contacts of oil field service allow them to easily get someone who can perform the job from diving and underwater services.


Assembling of large pipes can be easily be carried out by oil field service as well. Specific portions of pipes have to be cut so another pipe could be inserted. This method is called fitting of pipes. This is executed so systems and vessels could be created. Only personnel highly trained in cutting machineries for pipes can use to ensure precise cutting as damaged or deformed pipes are considered unusable.


Another method of cutting pipes is called pipe profiling. Pipe profiling includes cutting of specific sections on the pipe where another pipe can be attached. To be able to attach two parts together, welding method should be performed. Pipe profiling is conducted in construction and industries usually in deliver building, overseas exploration, pipe processing or any industry where building of huge pipes is involved. Fitting of pipes happen to make systems and vessels. Since they should be strong as they will be used for severe applications, welding can guarantee tighter fittings. Pipe profiling includes commercial pipe reducing devices as this technique is widely used on huge steel pipe joints. However, fitting of pipe joints is not restricted to huge pipe joints so the term can be used to other types of pipe joints as well.

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