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Roles of Landscape Contractors and Designers

12/31/2012 9:42:27 AM | by Anonymous

Landscape Contractors & Designers

Landscaping is the art of modifying grounds to achieve picturesque look. This activity mostly involves gardening though it might also include installation and building of objects which can range from buildings to fences. Though the task of landscaping may overlap with gardening, its implementation is not as simple as it may seem as only those with formal education and training in landscaping such as landscape contractors and designers can execute it properly. Landscape contractors and landscape designers, though with slight differences, work almost similarly. Both create a design, implement and construct his project plan and maintain them. Their services are sought for to perform all of these tasks or just any of it. Their main difference could be that landscape designers work individually while landscape contractors are made up of several landscapers. Despite of these differences, landscape contractors and designers are known to be capable of creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional land area while ensuring an ecosystem-plant community.


A landscaper is hired for different reasons. He may work for landscaping a commercial firm or a residential garden. No matter what job it may be, the client must know if the contractor can perform what he wants to achieve. The landscape contractor and designer must be a good communicator. He should know what the client has in mind for the project. Upon hearing his ideas, the contractor should be able to give his opinion about it as how good it is, if it is feasible, what improvements can be done on the idea and other underlying factors. Next step that needs to be done is to create a plan to materialize the design theories and show it to the client. Landscaping software is commonly used in order to show not only how the finished project will look but also how the plantings will look like as time progresses. Once the client approves the design, he will need to purchase the materials and actually do the physical work according to the landscaping plan. The work generally involves planting and construction.


There are several factors to take into account when it comes to planting. The soil where to raise the plants should be nutritious to make sure they will grow healthy and strong. Plants which color of leaves and flowers are not vibrant are a sign that they are not getting enough nutrition from the soil. Their look could affect the outcome of the landscape and the client’s satisfaction on the result. A smooth lawn used to be the standard design for every garden. Today, to create a more visually appealing ground, it should be decorated with various shapes, colors and sizes of pebbles, wood chips and gravel. Installation of walls is one of the many construction tasks that are done on landscaping. Walls can be made up of concrete brick or stone. Their colors, texture and size should be determined before building the wall as these are permanent fixtures which are hard to alter once erected. Other construction that can be done includes streams, ponds and waterfalls.


Functionality is an element that some owners want to see on a landscape. Patios and terraces are landscaped so they can look inviting and have comfortable atmosphere. Since patios and terraces serve a purpose other than a decorative garden, furnishing them should also be done by the landscape contractors and designers. The dining set and bench should be carefully picked to match the design of the landscape structures as well as the type of plants installed.

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