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Roles of Interior Decorators & Designers

12/28/2012 3:55:35 PM | by Anonymous

Interior Decorators & Designers

The job of interior decorators and designers are mostly similar yet distinct. Their main job is to design interior spaces which may be the decorator or the designer’s own input or according to the preference of the owner. In the past, when interior designing is not considered a profession yet, craftsmen, artisans or upholsterers can serve as interior decorators. This is the reason why there have been negative connotations on the term interior decorator as anyone who can participate on decorating a room can appoint themselves as an interior decorator. Overtime, the role of interior decorators expanded from mere room decorating to making sure that spaces will be used effectively hence, the emergence of the term interior designer.


Before an interior designer starts their job, they need to know the client’s preferences for the design. Even if the client leaves all the planning to the interior designer, the proposed plan will undergo approval so the client’s taste still has to be considered. For an instance, the carpeting color and furnishings should be favorable to the client. Besides the client’s taste, the working area and the budget will be taken into account. An interior designer can have an expertise like whether they have specialization on types of interior design or certain styles. Types of interior design may include residential or corporate as well as theater or film production. Since interior designers may work on a single room or designing of a whole structure interior, he or she should have knowledge on architecture as well. Some examples of architectural components that he may encounter are wall placement, door size and ceiling slope. There are now several cases wherein professional interior designers tie up with building managers. This is a good way to flourish on this career as one can easily have contacts with clients. It can also be the other way around as the designer can have a project that would require work from an architect or an engineer. He or she will know who offers the most affordable rate. He can also gain commission for recommending them.


The main reason why interior decorators and designers are being hired is because of their creative and artistic prowess. They can select fabrics and furniture that would match together. They can also apply artistic elements on a room yet maintaining its functionality. The first thing that an interior decorator needs to do is to observe the area he will be working on. The spaces can vary from offices and businesses to hospitals and industrial interiors. Some may have specialization in a particular field such as residential designers that focus primarily on homes or other types of dwellings. The number of people and their daily activities should be observed to find out how the space can be arranged in a way that would be convenient to the users. The services of an interior decorator may be sought for consultation and asked for preliminary design. The consultation can include suggestion of materials to be used and the expected budget.


Since interior decorators and designers usually suggest for fabric and furnishings to apply on the space, they must know how and where to acquire them. The plan they created would be useless if it has not been implemented because of lack of resources. An ideal interior decorator has contacts within the furnishing, painting and fabric industries. Being able to know where to obtain certain items can allow decorators to provide efficient service.

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