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Role of Pesticides in Exterminating Pests

5/4/2012 8:25:38 AM | by Anonymous


Pests are imminent in everyone’s life and they come in different forms. It is possible that a cute little stray cat keeps on eating your pet bird every time you buy a new one or your neighborhood habitually plays loud music early in the morning while you are still sleeping. We can consider both as pests since they are doing something that concerns us. Even though we can consider anything or anyone that is bugging us as pest, we all know that there are popular kinds of pests that require the use of pesticides to exterminate them.


Pests can be categorized as vertebrates and invertebrates. We can easily differentiate the two since we have learned them as a child. Household pets such as ants, cockroaches, flies and wasps are invertebrate pests. Those insects detrimental to humans are lice, fleas and bed bugs that cause skin irritations while mosquitoes, tsetse flies and bed bugs cause irritation and carry diseases. Other insect pests are caterpillars, book worms, termites, moths and beetles. Other types of invertebrate pests are Nematodes, Mites and Gastropods. On the other hand, pests with backbones fall under vertebrate category. They can be a kind of mammal or bird. Examples of these are mice, rats and small rodents that cause infestations. Other mammal pests are foxes, bears, raccoons and moles. Birds considered as pests are Pigeons and Seagulls that eat human food and carry disease. Other bird pests are crow that eat crop seed and Canada Goose which are now considered pests in the U.S. These animals are considered pests because they cause harm and spread deadly epidemic diseases.


The pests aforementioned are almost present in all places which makes it difficult to get rid all of them. Pesticides are highly needed in order to terminate these annoying creatures. We can also hire pest control services that can provide inspection and sanitation of our place to prevent further growth of the number of pests.

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