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Role of Modeling Agencies

6/13/2013 1:21:38 PM | by Anonymous

Modelling Agencies

Modeling agencies are companies that hold talents for industries such as advertising and fashion. They provide training to develop their models and gain status on the industry they belong to. These agencies will also be responsible in promoting them by producing layout portfolios and getting test shoots. These marketing materials will be presented to advertising agencies, photographers and designers to see if they will find someone who will catch their interest. When a model got a job, the business aspects like booking and billing for the job will all be handled by the agency. This allows the talent to focus on her job. In return, the agency will earn from every project that the models attend to through commission.


Good modeling agencies are those that consider their models as long-term financial investments. They will develop their talents by putting forth time and money even without financial returns at first. When they started to build a career, it is when all of their efforts will be paid off. This is a risk that agencies have to take as there is no assurance that all of their clients will be taken for a job. They will need to pick the right client they think will perform well on this business. Since a lot of people aspire to have a career in modeling, there are entities that take this as an opportunity to make money. Some institutions that address themselves as a modeling agency charge money to represent the models. Even if the agency is legitimate, they would not be as motivated to find their clients a project because they haven’t invested but instead earned from them.


People who want to have a career in modeling would have bigger chance to succeed if they are tied up to a modeling agency. Large agencies have contacts with various fashion and advertising industries. Some of these industries may even be booked by the agencies which means only their clients can fill in whatever job is available. Since they are reputable agencies, they tend to be picky in choosing whom they would represent. They have the authority as they can ensure to provide more job opportunities. Being chosen by top modeling agencies could serve as the beginning of a long term modeling career a person could achieve so a lot of people competing to get in is expected. There are also private companies that offer modeling services. Models cannot expect small agencies to be able to book them in a lot of job so it is better not to sign a contract entailing them to only work on that agency.


Modeling agencies can either focus on their clients or specialize in certain types of modeling. Agency specialties can represent petite, kids, plus-sized, male, high-fashion or certain body parts such as feet or hands. The company will pair their client with an agent who specializes on the type of service or skill the model can offer. The agent may also be focused on the type of industry like runway, advertising and acting so he will be the first to know if there are job openings. The success of modeling agencies and models would highly depend on how actively involved the agency in looking for jobs.

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