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Role of Maid Agencies

4/4/2012 11:37:44 AM | by Anonymous

Maid Agencies

The need for a maid is usually realized when a couple is expecting a baby. Nowadays, both men and women engage themselves in employment to sustain their family’s needs. In this case, it would be impossible to look after a child and do the household chores so hiring a helper is highly considered.


Most households are hesitant to hire a maid because it would mean allowing a stranger inside their home. There has been some bad news regarding employer-maid incidents. To somehow lessen the parents’ worry, they either ask a recommendation from a friend or get the services of maid agencies. Employer tends to be selective when looking for domestic helpers. You are lucky if a trusted friend has been able to recommend one because it is most likely she is good. However, the possibility of finding one through a friend is low.


Maid agencies carefully select their candidates. They make sure that the latter possess characteristics that clients are looking for in a maid. The helper should be honest, patient, caring, hardworking and knowledgeable to the modern style of taking care of children including the know how of operating home appliances. Agencies anticipate the circumstance that some maids came from rural areas. They provide training before deploying the domestic helpers to ensure that they would not be a burden to their employer. They will provide a description of the Singaporean lifestyle and teach how to run home appliances. The head of the family can choose from a pool of applicants and decide which one best fits his family’s needs.


Today, employing a maid is considered more of a necessity than luxury. Taking care of the baby tends to be a tough responsibility especially for new parents. Parents would have to know how to manage their time for professional work and family. Domestic helpers hired through maid agencies can somehow give an assurance that they have someone who can effectively handle the household while they are not around.

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