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Role of Machineries

7/24/2013 4:37:05 PM | by Anonymous


Machineries are devices developed to make human operations faster and easier. They made it possible for human to perform tasks that are hard to do on their own. They are able to overcome resistance that usually causes men difficulty on efficiently performing their task. Machineries can be electrical, mechanical or manually operated. Electrical machineries are those operated by electricity while mechanical machineries are run by fuel. Manually operated machineries are simple machines that rely on human force in order to work. The advantage of using simple machines is that the work produced when used with it would be significantly higher compared to the input of tasks performed without simple machines for the same amount of work laid on it.


Besides the ability of machines to multiply force from the small amount of human force exerted to it, they can also aid a man in changing the direction of a force, multiplying speed and transferring or transforming of energy. Lever is used to bring an object in an upward direction while a downward force is applied on the other end. Generators are known capable of transforming fuel to electrical energy. Bicycles move faster every time a force on the pedal is put into.


Machineries are parts of machines that run on their own but are capable to perform a specific task with their collective function. Lever and pulley, when used together, become a simple machine. Machines are found on every industry and each one functions differently depending on what industry they are being utilized for. Their invention can be considered a big leap to modernization as manual labor changed into machine automation.


The role of machineries can’t be explained specifically since they function in different ways. We might already be familiar with some of the things that they can do but we might be amazed if we learned what other machines are capable of doing that we are not aware of yet. Our common notion about machines is those that can be found on manufacturing industries. The role of machines for car manufacturers is to lift heavy car parts and affix them to other parts to build a complete vehicle. In general, machines are set by an operator to follow a process in manufacturing a product. They are automated and would only require a little guide from human.


Other machines that are capable of doing things that we might have never thought possible are the hair removal machines. With the use of a powerful LED lights, they are able to diminish the growth of hair from different body parts. Constant use of it can even totally stop the hair from growing. This machine is usually found on spa centers and one has to pay in order to avail this service. Its patrons are usually women who want to get rid of unwanted hair.


The development of machineries brought great advantage on industries. They are able to meet the demands of consumers because the increase in production and quality of products are more guaranteed because of automation.

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