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Role of Locks in Preventing Home Burglary

6/25/2013 1:00:28 PM | by Anonymous


In the world today, safety is one of our main concerns. It is now hard to find a place where we can confidently say we feel secure, even in our homes. Most people lock their doors when they go out or when they go to sleep and assume that that is all it takes to keep their home safe. However, burglary is still a very common crime nowadays. If every home is fixed with locks, why does this crime still exist?


There are many reasons why burglars are able to successfully perform their crime. It is possible that they have detected a house that is not properly locked or there are windows that can be easily opened. But if you are the kind of person who makes rounds at night throughout your house to ensure that all windows and doors are perfectly secured but the burglars are still able to enter your house, the problem could be the lock itself.


Simple locks like knob locks can be easily overcome even by amateur burglars. Its cylinder is situated inside the knob and not on the door which can be easily destroyed with physical force, or picked with a hairpin. This type of lock is not recommended to be installed in home exteriors but if your door is already attached with one, it is better to add a dead bolt in it. A dead bolt is considered far more secure as its cylinder inside will only turn to open up the door when turned with a key. Deadbolts are commonly single or double cylinder deadbolts. The single cylinder deadbolt accepts a key on only one side of the door. The double cylinder deadbolt accepts the use of a key on both sides of the door and prevents situations where someone could open a door by breaking a nearby window and reaching the doorknob (assuming the window is too small for the whole burglar to fit through). However, double cylinder deadbolts can pose a danger during an emergency such as fire. The occupants inside the house will need the key to open the door and escape, so it is recommended that the key is kept nearby the lock. Another type of deadbolt is the vertical deadbolt, which prevents robbers from using a pry bar to pry the bolt out of the door.


Another way to secure a door is by using a latch, which is impossible to pick from the outside and can only be opened from the inside. Some doors such as patio doors and sliding doors have weaker locks, so check them regularly to ensure they can withstand force. Burglar bars could be installed over windows to prevent people from climbing in, but ensure they are the kind that can be easily opened from the indoors so you can escape in case of a fire.


Another way to secure objects in your home is to keep valuable objects such as jewelry or important documents locked away. Instead of leaving them lying around or in obvious places, invest in a safe with various security measures on it such as combination and key locks or an electronic one that requires a pass code. Keep drawers with valuables inside padlocked. Do not place valuables in the master bedroom as that is the first place that burglars will look in.


Locks are just one of the many factors that one has to consider to ensure the safety of households. However, you can always start securing your home and make burglars hesitant to victimize you by installing high security lock or investing in a home security system. Even installing a fake burglar alarm outside your house would make most burglars hesitate to rob you.


Despite all this, home security is actually quite easy to ensure with a little bit of common sense and vigilance.

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