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Role of Commercial Artists

10/8/2012 1:01:49 PM | by Anonymous


To understand what a commercial artist is, one must first understand what a commercial art is. In broader sense, commercial art refers to any form of creative work that is paid. It is the art of creative services such as graphic design or advertising that are created for commercial purposes, with the primary goal mostly being advertising. With the recent technological advances, commercial media has developed greatly and the platform for commercial art grown greatly. Professionals in this industry, who are referred to as commercial artists, help marketers and advertisers grab the attention of people and increase exposure for their products. Traditionally, commercial art includes media such as design books, signs and posters; however with the evolution of the internet and new media technologies, commercial art has seen a drift from the typical media platforms to internet and interactive advertising mediums. Some genres of commercial art can be music videos, television commercials, animation, illustration and photography.


Commercial Artist

As the name would suggest, a commercial artist is a professional who produces artworks for commercial purposes. In the many different genres of commercial arts, professionals specialize in a variety of different arts. For example, a commercial artist who produces graphic designs may not necessarily have expertise in video production. Companies or organizations may hire these individuals to fulfill certain roles to promote their products through the various Media. Commercial artists have ability to organize information, have knowledge of fine arts and the media that they are going to use along with any law and guidelines that regulate artworks produces by a certain media. Communication is a key factor in this field and commercial artists usually have good communication skills, be it verbally or through their artworks. The role of commercial artists in using their artworks to portray a company’s image is very important as a bad art piece could garner bad reputation for the company being portrayed in the advertisement. In some countries, actors models and media personalities may also be considered commercial artists as they appear in advertisements and get paid to do commercial work of promoting a certain company. The commercial artists’ field is very vast and it depends on an individual’s skills and interest as to which field he or she may choose.


Responsibilities of a Commercial Artist

Commercial artists have to have a clear understanding of their field of work and any regulations that might affect their work. Such artists meet their clients in order to be able to determine the client’ vision and demands and then create and present layouts and designs to the client. Once that is done, a commercial artist creates a top quality finished product that meets the requirements of the client and does its job of portraying the message of the company. In the initial stages when the artist meets clients, he or she has to do background research on what services the company offers, its missions, values etc, to get a better understanding of the company’s products offered. After having met the client and understood the clients’ requirements, the artist would propose planes and suggestion and seek approval from the client to pursue a certain idea. Along the production course, the artists would meet regularly with the client so that both parties are fully aware of what is going on and what is required. The client can request the artist to make certain changes to the artwork if he or she feels that it does not support the company’s image, however with respect to the artist’s creativity. Depending on what genre of art the artist specializes in, the skills required and the job duties differ, with basic functions of meeting clients, conceptualizing ideas and plans, creating drafts, carrying out of plans and producing artworks that would portray the desired messages of the client. No matter what genre of commercial art that an artist specializes in, these functions form the basics of commercial art.

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