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Role of CCTV in Fighting Crimes

4/5/2012 12:46:54 PM | by Anonymous


Closed circuit television or CCTV used to be considered a luxury device. Only high-end businesses like casino and banks can afford to equip their establishments with surveillance cameras. As the importance of this device is realized, more establishments utilize CCTV to prevent store related crimes. A store with no installed security system is prone to crimes such as shoplifting, robbery and staff collusion. Over the years, security cameras have become an affordable piece of equipment which allowed them to be applied for domestic use as well.


In our present society, both men and women are forced to find a living in order to fully support their family. People have no time to do things other than work. Although hesitant, they still choose to hire a maid so there will be someone who can help them fulfill household duties. A house equipped with CCTV security system can show misconducts and let the employer monitor if the helper is rightfully doing her job.


New mothers usually have predicament between quitting a job to raise a child and employing a nanny. It is hard for everyone to leave their child especially with an unfamiliar person. However, some cannot afford to lose their job so they would end up hiring a baby sitter. This scenario is more worrisome because it now involves leaving a family member in the custody of a stranger. So as not to worry too much, a video surveillance can give an assurance that their child is being taken care of properly. CCTV video can be viewed 24/7 via the internet or in any smart phones.


This technology has proven to be a useful device in fighting crimes and giving peace of mind to employers. People who are planning to do something illegal will think twice carrying out their plans on places equipped with CCTV.

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