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Role of Architects and Their Importance

3/5/2012 3:59:29 PM | by Anonymous


The skyscrapers in Singapore would not be as amazing as they are now without the talent and creativity of architects. An architect takes into consideration all aspects in building construction such as the space, mass, light, texture, program, shadow, appearance and materials. The process of planning, designing and construction is called Architecture.


Engineers and architects are sometimes interchanged because of the similarities in their role. Both civil engineers and architects take charge of building construction. Their full coordination is essential for the successful outcome of their project. However, it is the architect’s job to design a beautiful and fully functional structure. This is the reason why the end product of architecture is both considered an art form and necessity.


The job of an architect begins when he is hired to draw a plan for schools, hospitals, hotels, skyscrapers or any kind of buildings. The architectural design must abide by the client’s requirements. He has to know what the structure will be used for and how many people will occupy it at the same time. These factors that need to be thought about are the functions of a building. Long hours must be spent to make sure that it is safely designed and will last for many years. The historical architectures that withstood the test of time are those in Ancient Greece and Rome as well as the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Another role of architects is designing the building. This is what made them distinct from other profession. They make sure that the structure is not only functional but also pleasant to work at. An architect can replace a civil engineer but no other profession can replace an architect.


The creations of architects continue to inspire and influence us. Staring at stunning buildings is like looking at clouds. They give a feeling a tranquility and serenity in spite of the busy city life.

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