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Role of Air Conditioning Contractors

3/5/2012 10:08:09 AM | by Anonymous

Air Conditioning Contractors

Singapore residents get the services of air conditioning contractors to equip their houses with air conditioning system as a response to the country’s high level of humidity. Air conditioner is designed to control the temperature of spaces to promote the health, comfort or productivity of individuals. Spaces where air conditioning is utilized include offices, residences, sports arenas, institutions, factory work areas, hotels and motor vehicles.


Installing air conditioner can be meticulous and would require assistance from air conditioning specialists. For basic room installation, here are simple instructions that you can follow. First, consider the size and climate of the room so you will know the BTU (British Thermal Unit) power you need. After determining the kind of air conditioner to use, locate the place where it will be installed. Cooling systems are available in different sizes so measure the opening and purchase a unit that will fit in. Install the brackets near the window opening and mount the air conditioner. If there are gaps between the unit and the edges, seal them with foams. Make sure that the drainage hose is attached outside afterwards. Plug in the air conditioner, turn it on and you will finally feel the comfort brought by cool air.


For setting up of other types of air conditioner like ceiling cassette, it is advisable to seek assistance from air conditioning contractors. They would not only do the installation but also the repair and maintenance of air conditioners. Maintenance is needed to avoid the hassle of repairs. Maintaining the unit usually demands only for labor cost unlike repairs wherein you will have to pay for labor and parts. In case of breakage, air conditioner contractors can assess first the problem with your equipment, recommend parts and give initial cost. They will only start fixing the machine once they get an approval from the client.

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