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Rental Service: Excavator and its Types

8/4/2015 8:38:06 AM | by Agnes Tiu

Excavator Rental Service

Excavators are considered as heavy construction equipment which are designed with a rotating platform consisting of bucket, stick, boom and cab; these are also popularly known as diggers, 360º excavators and mechanical shovels.

An excavator is known as a heavy duty vehicle which is ideal for earthwork operation. Earthwork operations require great engineering effort; that is why an excavator should be dedicated for processing and moving parts of the earth’s surface which includes soil and unformed rock quantities.

Excavator rental services in the market provide assistance to the construction and building industry in performing earthwork operations such as digging holes and foundations, demolition, material handling, landscaping and more.

For excavator rental, further information with regards to types and usage is very helpful like knowing the suitable excavator for different applications.

Types of excavators
• Compact excavator – has an operating weight of 0.7 to 8.5 tons. This compact excavator is designed with independent boom swing and standard backfill blade which is operated by hydraulic fluid that acts upon the hydraulic cylinders. It has three unique assemblies: the undercarriage, house and workgroup.
• Dragline excavator – ideal for surface mining and civil engineering works. Its typical weight is around 8000 to 13000 tons and is usually used in construction of roads, ponds, port, pile driving rigs and canal dredging.
• Long reach excavator – suitable for demolition applications; it is engineered with long boom arm that is capable of reaching upper story building and pulls down the structure in proper and organized ways without excavating ditches.
• Amphibious excavator – has chassis crawler that floats in sealed pontoons and is specifically constructed for executing dredge function while floating into shallow water. Amphibious excavator is best in cleaning silted trenches, removing silty clay and swampland operation into low water areas.
• Power shovel – an electrically powered bucket equipped machine used for loading earth, digging mineral extraction and stacking fragmented rock. The modern power shovel has bucket capacities from 8m3 to almost 80m3 and it operates in different motions such as hoist, crowd, swing and propel.
• Steam shovel – specially designed for moving and lifting soil and rock. This steam shovel has distinct design and is engineered with dipper stick, boom which is mounted on a rotating platform and bucket with toothed edges to perform earthworks properly.
• Suction excavator – also known as vacuum excavator. This type of excavator is commonly applicable in removing debris and materials from land and holes. It establishes a powerful suction process through wide pipes with range of diameter from 30cm and inlet air speed ranging up to 100 m/s.
• Walking excavator – also known as Spider excavator. This walking excavator is very unique, it is capable to move like a spider or crab that enables the excavator to resist and overcome terrain obstacles.
• Bucket wheel excavator – suited for surface mining. Bucket wheel excavator promotes continuous digging in a large scale open pit mining operations.

Excavator rental service promotes several advantages that aid different industries on their budget and process such as no maintenance and storage requirements, no tax deductions, easy transportation, no depreciation and reduced time and labor cost. This heavy equipment rental adds expediency while needing less logistical requirements.

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