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Recycling Plastic Scraps

6/28/2013 1:11:36 PM | by Anonymous

Plastic Scraps

Plastic scraps are left over materials of plastic products that still hold monetary value after they are consumed. When recycled, they can still be converted into a different product. Not all spare plastic materials are reusable as the type of plastic resin has to be considered. The type of plastic raw material is taken into account to determine which can still be recycled. Plastic bottles, milk jugs, piping and film made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a very sturdy material are the ones usually reused and turned into motor oil bottles, pipes, detergent containers and pipes.


Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a plastic resin known for having both flexible and sturdy features. The common products made from this material are grocery bags. Squeezable bottles and typewriter ribbon are a few of other products made from LDPE. When they are recycled, they are produced into new grocery or trash bags. Depending on the thickness, polyethylene tephthalate or PET which is usually first manufactured as bottles for soft drinks are reproduced into any non-food bottles and containers. There are also now fabrics such as wool, cotton and fleece that came from plastic bottles. Eco-Fi or EcoSpun, a high-quality plastic derived polyester fiber, are made into clothes, carpet, home furnishings and blanket throws. When plastics are recycled, they are usually turned into a whole different plastic product far from what it used to be.


Plastic scraps hold a variety of advantageous features that make them the best materials for DIY projects. They are hard and water resistant and a lot of products made from plastic are colorful. They can be formed into pieces and use for art projects such as for vase decoration, mosaic or shaped into beads. Beads could be used as material to perky necklaces or bracelets while some old credit cards cut into pieces are great for ornamenting frames and creating mosaics. Old plastic containers are the easiest to recycle among products made from the same material. Without much changes or work to do, they can be utilized as pail, vase or candle holders. Some companies have thought of something bigger on what to do with plastic scraps like making customized signs made only from recycled plastics. There was also developed recycled plastic cellular phone. People who do not know what to do with their plastic scraps can instead sell them to plastic scrap dealer and gain profit. However, not all plastics are recyclable so one has to determine which types are sellable.


Many manufacturers prefer plastic materials because they consume less energy compared to other materials such as metal. The production of goods made from plastic scrap is even more advantageous as it requires much less energy than manufacturing a new product. The energy saved from recycling one plastic bottle is equivalent to 60-watt light bulb on for six hours. The importance of recycling is increasingly being recognized as a response to rising environmental concerns. Plastics are very eminent everywhere and the number of disposed plastic bags is becoming greater everyday. It takes hundreds of year before they degrade and can cause harmful effects on the atmosphere when burnt. The best thing to do to counteract this problem is through recycling of plastic scraps.

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