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WTI - Helically Coiled Inserts

We offer this fantastic Helically Coiled Inserts which is applicable for the effects of cyclic vibration/impact and has additional screw locking inserts providing an extra prevailing locking torque. This is achieved by the action of polygon grip coils that has been positioned within the length of inserts that provides radial pressure on male thread.

This Helically Coiled Inserts is designed carefully that each grip coil should have a number of tangential locking cord extended beyond the inside diameter of the normal free running coils.

The material used for constructing this Helically Coiled Inserts is the premium quality chromium nickel austenitic stainless steel which guarantees you that this Helically Coiled Inserts is durable and can handle harsh applications.

• Flexible, creating an extremely high loading strength
• Corrosion resistant that prevents undesirable seizing of rust even on high temperatures
• High temperature resistant
• Light weight
• Cost efficient
• Wear resistant
• Compact size

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