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A wire is a supple metal strand and cylindrical in form. A wire strand is made through a cold working process which allows the metal rod to be stretched, forming the strand. Silver, copper, gold, iron, brass, platinum and bronze are the best materials used in making wires. The bonding of two or more wires creates a single assembly called a cable or wire rope. Cables are applied as insulation in industrial and residential areas.

They are commonly used for carrying electricity and signals from power and telecommunication companies to various market users such as in industrial buildings, residential places and other infrastructures. Uses of wires are classified based on the needs of an industry. Such examples are: to create fences for privacy and protection, to build bridges, to craft stringed musical instruments and more.

Wires are commonly categorized as electrical or building wire. These wires are used in homes and in buildings. The wiring safety codes and regulations are established by city and country. These guidelines aim to protect consumers from experiencing any incidents such as fire that may originate from poor wiring.

Colors are used to distinguish the difference between ground wire and neutral wire. Cables and wires are rated based on the temperature and environmental conditions in which they are going to be exposed on. The circuit voltage is also taken into account during installation. Electrical boxes or cabinets are used to keep the wirings organized while protecting them against environmental factors.

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Basic Listings

Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd

541 Bt Batok St 23 #04-00 Tacam Ind Bldg S(659546)

Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in the year 1955. Our company specializes in manufacturing improved temperature sensors which can ...

Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd

8 Tuas Ave 10 S(639132)

Established in 1992, Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd is now a trusted one-stop hardware provider which helps different companies in ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd

15 Little Rd #03-01/02 S(536988)

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd specializes in Batteries, Variety of Cables, Connectors, Control Sequence, Electronic Connectors, Electrical ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd (Sim Lim Tower)

10 Jln Besar #03-35 & #13-06/07 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Ban Soon Cheong Hardware Trading

217 Ubi Ave 4 Intrepid Warehouse Complex S(408810)

Ban Soon Cheong Pte Ltd

217 Ubi Ave 4 Intrepid Warehouse Complex S(408810)

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd ( jln besar )

10 Jln Besar #13-06/07 & #03-35 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Champ Electronics & Systems Pte Ltd

16 New Ind Rd #02-01/02 Hudson Technocentre S(536204)

On February 24, 1995, Champ Electronics & Systems Pte Ltd was first established as a trading company in Singapore. Our company has ...