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Water Treatment Equipment

A comprehensive range of Water Treatment Equipment is provided at Kurita (S) Pte Ltd. We purify wastewater to a certain level where it can be reused as clean water which is highly valued by users. These Water Treatment Equipment By Kurita Group brings specific water quality necessary for wide range of applications.

Our Kurita Light Filter deals with water conservation by limiting the amount of water used for backwash compared to the usual filtration system. The Kuriauto C series Electrical Conductivity Controller efficiently manages the concentration cycle thus lessening wastage of chemicals and water to drain.

We also have Minimax heat recovery system to recover heat coming from blowdown of boiler which reduces fuel oil consumption. The Hardness monitoring system is provided to avoid hardness excursion from pretreatment into boiler. Kurifeeder OS is also available to provide automatic optimized dosages of chemicals to make sure that unnecessary chemical wastage is avoided. This Kurifeeder measures treated water SS and automatically adjust chemicals’ dosage, hence reducing chemical usage and optimizing sludge volume.

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Kurita (S) Pte Ltd was established in the year 1978 coexisting with the emergence of the Asian economy, harnessing superb human resources...