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The most frequently used basic to test water quality has been the Coliform test. Coliform is a sign species, indicating that the Coliform test assumes that if Coliform is present in water that there is a probability that pathogens may be present. Because they are less expensive, indicator tests such as this are used rather of more particular tests. Because there are lots of potential water borne bacteria that are harmful it becomes excessively pricey to test for all dangerous species separately.

Another typical water test is for E-coli existence. This is a specific test for a single types. The Total Microbe test will suggest presence/absence and activity level of any facultative and aerobic bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold (spores), non-specifically. This implies it acts as a general or universal test that will discover any microbial presence but like the Coliform test does not recognize the particular bacteria, only that you have a problem. Similar to the Coliform test, extra screening is required to identify the actual species.

The Total Microbe water test will get species that the Coliform and E-coli tests do not. You might run an E-coli test that shows negative however the sample could contain a high level of Giardia that goes undetected. We feel that the Total Microbe test is the very best general purpose water test on the marketplace. It lets you understand you have an issue rapidly, accurately and inexpensively.

The Total Microbe test can best be compared with a lab test that uses Petri dishes that contain agar that performs exactly what is called a "heterotrophic" plate count. The test takes 48 hours to run. The Total Microbe test offers a 98% precise connection to this test and takes between 4-24 hours to complete.

Micro Inspector Products

The Micro Inspector line of product is developed for the do-it yourself customer market as an easy method for the homeowner to obtain a quick, economical response to his concerns about water, food or indoor air quality.

This line of product offers 3 biological tests: Coliform, E-coli and Total Microbe. Coliform is the most typical test for water potability and E-coli is typically tested for in both water and food environments. The Total Microbe test is a basic function heterotrophic screen for the presence of any/all facultative and aerobic bacteria, yeast and fungi. Typically when testing for a particular bacteria, other pathenogenic germs are missed out on. This test suggests any microbial presence, non-specifically. Additional screening at a lab can indicate species.

In addition to the biological tests, the Micro Inspector line includes 6 chemical tests. These tests indicate presence and quantity of particular chemicals in water and take only minutes to run. The tests are: Ammonia Nitrogen, Chlorine DPD, Hardness Level, Iron, Phosphate Ortho-WR and Zinc. Also used is a Nitrate/Nitrite Test Strip. Nitrate/Nitrite is the most common water chemical test and is essential due to the fact that high levels are unsafe for infants and pregnant ladies, causing "Blue Baby Syndrome".

Micro Tester Pro Products

The Micro Tester Pro line of product is our professional line for users that carry out numerous tests. Biological test kits include 8 or 30 ampoules to a box and chemical tests 30 to a box. Typical users are governments, schools, organisations, HVAC experts, food market quality assurance employees, water providers and testers, and environmental experts.

The Micro Tester Pro line provides the very same biological tests as the Micro Inspector line along with tests for Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Total Sulfur Bacteria and Iron Bacteria.

In addition, testing can be automated utilizing our AutoAnalyzer instrument. This spectropho-tometer can be used as a stand-alone instrument that provides reading measurements or it can be combined with QC Bacterial Growth Analysis System software residing on a connected PC that can batch process as much as 50 tests or do specific totally automated tests. The software can store, sort, search and export information.

Food dealing with surface areas and air duct, vent and filter surfaces can be sampled and tested when used in conjunction with the Dry Surface and Food Sampler kits that compliment our test ampoules.

The Green Book leading industrial, commercial, and consumer directory in Singapore offers various Water Quality Analysis Test Kits from different Companies that can attend to various water quality analysis test kits needs fast and easy.

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Distributors of laboratory equipment and testing kits for the hospital,food and pharmaceutical industries, research and teaching ...

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